How to Keep Your Team Focused on the Prize

On Episode 164 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have George Tremis, a Real Estate Broker with Fortune 50 Company experience and a lifelong history of Entrepreneurship. In addition to earning his Broker designation, George has studied Business, Economics, and Philosophy whereby he earned two diplomas and an MBA.

Before becoming a Realtor, George acquired over 10 years of leadership development and professional experience working with many top companies, such as Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, and Ford. George also acquired Entrepreneurial experience, launching, building, growing, and selling companies such as a Boutique Management Consultancy, Auto Collision Repair Shops, Online Retailing, and more. Additionally, George owns several rental properties, has served as President of Condo Corporations, and has successfully supervised the renovation, remodeling, and resale of many real estate properties.  

With a track record of achievement, George has now focused his drive, and aptitude for success, on growing and building the GT1 Realty Group team and brand. He now wants to share and nurture success with other like-minded, positive, ambitious, professional real estate agents.

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Introduction and Background

The podcast begins with Umar Hameed, the host of the No Limits Selling Podcast, introducing George Tremis, the founder of GT Realty Group. George shares his journey into real estate, which began about seven years ago when a friend suggested he would make a great realtor. George was at a transition point in his career and decided to leap into real estate.

Building a Team and Ensuring the Right Fit

George discusses the importance of building a team that aligns with the philosophy and operations of GT Realty Group. He emphasizes the importance of one-on-one engagement to understand a potential team member's interests, philosophies, and mindset. He looks for commonalities, such as a commitment to personal development and growth.

Core Values and Staying Focused

George identifies community and collaboration as core values for himself and his team. He believes that sticking to these core values, even in challenging moments, can propel the team forward. To stay focused, George and his team use traditional methods like whiteboards to track leads and clients, and they also rely heavily on their calendars to block out time for personal, spiritual, social, and professional activities.

Integrity and Client Relationships

George emphasizes the importance of integrity in his work. He shares an example of a client who expressed complete trust in him and his team, which he views as a testament to his integrity. He also discusses the importance of supporting his team members and helping them achieve their goals.

Future Aspirations

When asked about his future aspirations, George expresses a desire to see more people on his team achieving success and making a significant income. He hopes to continue growing and developing both personally and professionally.

Book Recommendation

Toward the end of the podcast, George recommends a book called "Focus" by a former Navy SEAL. He believes the book's insights on harnessing focus under pressure are very valuable. He also mentions that he often listens to books on Audible and watches YouTube videos from motivational speakers like Grant Cardone, Les Brown, and TD Jakes.


In the No Limits Selling Podcast, George Tremis, the founder of GT Realty Group, shares his journey into real estate, his approach to building a team, and the core values that guide his work. He emphasizes the importance of personal development, community, collaboration, and integrity in both his personal and professional life. George also discusses his methods for staying focused and productive, such as using traditional tools like whiteboards and modern tools like calendars.

He shares his aspirations for the future, which include seeing more team members achieve success and continuing his own personal and professional growth. George recommends the book "Focus" by a former Navy SEAL for insights on maintaining focus under pressure. The podcast concludes with George expressing his willingness to return for future episodes and the host, Umar Hameed, encouraging listeners to leave a five-star rating if they enjoyed the episode.

Questions & Answers

Who is George Tremis, the founder of GT Realty Group?

What are the core values of GT Realty Group?

How does George Tremis build his team at GT Realty Group?

What methods does George Tremis use to stay focused and productive?

What is George Tremis's approach to client relationships?

What are George Tremis's future aspirations for GT Realty Group?

What book does George Tremis recommend for insights on focus and productivity?

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