How CannedWater4Kids Transformed Thousands of Children's Lives

On Episode 163 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Gregory Stromberg, Founder & CEO at CannedWater4kids.

The story behind CannedWater4kids (CW4K)

CannedWater4kids (cW4k) was established on January 22, 2008, by Greg Stromberg, a 47-year veteran of the packaging industry focused on cans.

He was alarmed at the rate at which children worldwide were dying from waterborne diseases caused by the lack of clean, safe drinking water. It seemed odd that a world able to put men on the moon or create self-driving cars had not fixed the clean drinking water problem.

With support from the Can industry and a passion for wanting to save children and reversing this trend of water-borne diseases, our lean 501c3 E-charity was born. The aluminum can and the aluminum bottle have become a billboard for broadcasting the charity’s purpose. Our canned water product also promotes the impressive sustainability attributes of the aluminum container which benefits the industry- and our environment. Best of all, we’re helping children today so they have a chance at tomorrow.

A video detailing Greg’s motivation for cW4k can be seen here: https://www.cannedwater4kids.com/special/ourstart.html

Greg’s Grandfather was the key inspiration for the nonprofit

Greg’s Grandfather, Dr. Norvin Stromberg, was known for his kindness in providing free dental care to those in need during the great depression. This selfless action became one of the things that fueled Greg’s passion and formation of CannedWater4kids. Times were tough. People needed dental care but couldn’t afford it because all of their money was for food. Norvin was there to help. This selfless action was always top of mind for Greg.

Inspiration was also drawn from Newman’s Own Brand, where 100% of the royalties and profits that it receives from the sale of Newman’s products are for charitable purposes.

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Introduction and Background

The podcast begins with the host, Umar Hameed, introducing Gregory Stromberg, the founder and CEO of CannedWater4Kids. Gregory expresses his excitement to be part of the discussion. He shares his motivation for starting the organization, which was his desire to leave a legacy and make an impact on the world for his kids and family.

CannedWater4Kids and Its Mission

Gregory explains the mission of CannedWater4Kids, a non-profit organization that aims to bring clean, safe water to children worldwide. He mentions that the organization's goal is to ensure that children around the world have access to clean and safe water. He also discusses the problem of water contamination in the US, citing examples like Flint, Michigan, and Milwaukee.

First Project in Guatemala

Gregory shares about the first project of CannedWater4Kids in the highlands of Guatemala. The project involved providing resources for engineers to travel to Guatemala and set up a water purification system. The resources included piping, concrete, reinforcement, chlorine, and testing equipment.

Challenges and Acceptance

Gregory talks about the challenges they faced in convincing the local communities about the benefits of water treatment. Due to a lack of education, it took some convincing to make the villagers understand that the water treatment would not cause them problems but would make their water safer.

Business Model and Impact

Gregory explains the business model of CannedWater4Kids. The organization sells canned water, and 95 cents of every dollar gets put to use to help projects that aim to provide clean water in places where it's needed. He mentions that the organization operates leanly, with no employees, no salary taken, and no offices. The water is sold through their website and Amazon, and they also supply it to some major national parks.

Final Thoughts and Statistics

Toward the end of the podcast, Gregory shares some statistics to highlight the impact of their work. He mentions that two and a half cents can keep a child in Zambia, Central Africa, in clean water for five years. He also shares that it costs them $10,000 to do a well that serves a village of over 400,000 people, mostly children.


In this podcast, Gregory Stromberg, the CEO of the Catalyst Education Foundation and CannedWater4Kids, discusses his mission to provide clean, safe water to children worldwide. He shares the inspiration behind his non-profit organization, the challenges they face, and the impact they've made. Gregory highlights their work in Guatemala, where they set up a water purification system and their business model of selling canned water to fund their projects. He emphasizes the importance of education in convincing communities about the benefits of water treatment.

Gregory concludes with a powerful statistic: just two and a half cents can provide a child in Zambia with clean water for five years, underscoring the significant impact small contributions can make in addressing global water issues.

Questions & Answers

Who is Gregory Stromberg?

What is the mission of CannedWater4Kids?

What was the first project of CannedWater4Kids?

What challenges does CannedWater4Kids face in their projects?

How does CannedWater4Kids fund their projects?

What impact has CannedWater4Kids made?

How can I support CannedWater4Kids?

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