Case Study: Michael Schiff, Team Leader and Realtor 

Realtor Coaching Review ⬇

Problem: Michael had reached a plateau in his career 

Negative Impact: Michael was frustrated that he could not reach his full potential. An unseen force was limiting his growth as a realtor and a team leader

Michael’s Story:

Michael was a very successful realtor and team leader so life was pretty good.

Michael was very frustrated with his career because industry leaders would tell him that he could be a super star in the industry if only he would let himself go. Michael wanted to improve but could not figure out how to create change that would free him to succeed. 

Michael and I spent a day together. We went on a long hike in the morning that allowed his mind to articulate what had him stuck. After a nice lunch we went to work. I helped him resolve the mental block that was limiting his success. Then we planned what his business should look like. next year 

The impact of this change was immediate and the impact was huge.

The break through allowed Michael to dream a better future for him and his company. It also ignited a fire within his to aggressively go make that dream a reality