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Improve Your Sales Performance With 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hi, my name is Umar and I conduct keynotes and workshops to teach salespeople NLP. With NLP salespeople have the tool kit to build a stronger mindset so they become bolder, more driven, and have the passion to improve their sales results in a significant way. 

Neuroscience gives us a better understanding of how mindset impacts sales performance. Listen to this 20 min. podcast and find out how to get your salespeo​​​​ple to break through their limitations so they sell more. 

Fire Up Your Team!

Todd Brown Vice President Sales

Great Presention

Umar, rarely have I seen a group of professionals so attentive and responsive as you really hit a "home run" with our first inaugural young professionals event.
I looked around the room and I can tell you that every guest was completely engaged with your speaking.
A big high five to you again, and many thanks!

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