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Increase Your Sales With NLP
Performance Coaching

Hi, my name is Umar I am an author, keynotes speaker, and a
kick-ass amazing coach. I help my clients stay in their
performance zone so their productivity and accomplishments

I teach leaders and salespeople NLP. With NLP salespeople have
the tool kit they need to build a stronger mindset. This allows them
to become bolder so they improve their sales results in a significant

Mindset is the number one determining factor on how well one does
in sales, leadership, and life. We teach salespeople how to take charge
of their mindset with online courses and in-person workshops.

Take Charge of Your Mindset 

NeuroBoosterz are audio tracks that are empowered by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Applied Neuroscience. Think of it as software for your mind that allows you to take charge of your mindset. So you can decide how you show up in your personal and professional life

Sales Training Programs

We provide advanced online mind training for salespeople. This allows your sales team to get more appointments and close more accounts so they improve their performance. Our online sales training programs allow people to learn advanced sales skills at their own pace.

in-person sales training programs create a team-building experience that enhances the learning experience for all. These workshops provide a motivational boost for the entire team. It also gives the team a common language and skill set to ensure the learning lasts beyond the sales workshop.

Fire Up Your Team!

Sales Coaching in Baltimore, Maryland

Our sales coaching programs help people and teams reach their sales potential. Our coaching focuses on using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help people overcome their limitations so they act more decisively. Our sales coaching helps sales teams go from individuals to a team that supports and drives one another to improve their results.

Sales Leadership

Leading salespeople is all about getting the best performance out of each person and bringing the team together so they can out-perform the competition. We teach sales leaders how to become excellent coaches. They learn powerful coaching and communication strategies so they can build a high performing sales team that gets the job done.