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Improve Your Sales Performance ​With Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hi, my name is Umar and I conduct keynotes and workshops to teach salespeople NLP. With NLP salespeople have the tool kit to build a stronger mindset so they become bolder, more driven, and have the passion to improve their sales results in a significant way. 

Neuroscience gives us a better understanding of how mindset impacts sales performance. Listen to this 20 min. podcast and find out how to get your salespeople to break through their limitations so they sell more. 

Fire Up Your Team!

profile-picTodd BrownVice President Sales

Great Presention

Umar, rarely have I seen a group of professionals so attentive and responsive as you really hit a “home run” with our first inaugural young professionals event.I looked around the room and I can tell you that every guest was completely engaged with your speaking.A big high five to you again, and many thanks!

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