Case Study: Scott Roof, Realtor 

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Problem: A limiting belief (I don't deserve to be successful)

Negative Impact: Scott was ready to quit the business because it was not working out.

Scott’s Story:

Scott is a realtor who knew how to do real estate but knowing and doing are two different things.

After months of struggling Scott was ready to quit the business. He had no deals coming in and was running out of money. Scott was ready to quit his dream of being a realtor and get a real job. 

In our first session, I identified that Scott had an inner conflict. Part of his mind knew he was going to be a successful realtor. But another part knew he did not deserve to be successful because he was a recovering drug addict. 

I helped Scott ID the conflict and resolve it

The impact of this change was immediate and the impact was huge.

Scott got 9 listings in out first month of coaching. He always knew how to be a star. Removing the inner conflict allowed him to shine as a realtor.