Case Study: Jake Horowitz, Realtor 

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Problem: A limiting belief (I’m too young, people won’t take me seriously)

Impact: Jake's earning ability was greatly reduced

Jake’s Story:

Jake is a realtor and valued member of the Schiff Home Team.

Jake Horowitz is a triple threat. He was a young realtor who was good looking, was eager to learn, and had the drive to be highly successful. But something was holding him back.

Somewhere deep in Jake's unconscious mind he had a belief, “I am too young for this business. People won't take him seriously”. 

As a result, when Jake went to an important appointment he took his team leader Michael Schiff with him. The most expensive home Jake had listed for was $500,000.

In our first session, I identified that limiting belief I transformed that belief into one that was more empowering. Jake’s new belief is, “I can do anything.” 

The impact of this belief change was immediate and the impact was huge.

Jake reported back that the thought that he's too young has not entered his mind since our session.

Within the first month of coaching with me, Jake closed a $3.5 million dollar listing. He went to the appointment on his own because this confidence was off the charts.