How to Build an Open and Friendly Culture in Your Organization

In today’s episode of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Vanessa Oake Hogan, Broker/Owner at CENTURY 21 United Realty Inc. Brokerage.

Guest Bio:

Vanessa is the Broker/Owner of her family business, CENTURY 21 United Realty. She holds a Commerce Degree from McMaster University. She has had the great opportunity of working for Loblaw Companies, Summit Foods and Valeant Pharmaceuticals in various roles including Human Resources, Union Management Relations, Project Management, Marketing, Merchandising and Sales. Vanessa was a stay-at-home mom for 8 years. She feels the combination of all of those experiences has led her to where she is today. 

She is passionate about the Real Estate Industry. Vanessa has been invigorated by the role she plays at her office. She feels grateful to work with such an amazing management team, support staff and sales representatives. She loves the CENTURY 21 brand and all it offers as well as the family that comes with it. She plans on maintaining what her father has worked so hard to build over a period of almost 50 years. It is also her intention to be a progressive, forward-thinking organization that provides her business partners with all of the tools necessary to not only succeed but to thrive in this business and create their best life possible.


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The podcast episode features Vanessa Oake Hogan as a guest on The No Limits Selling Podcast, hosted by Umar Hameed. Umar introduces the podcast, emphasizing the goal of sharing tips, strategies, and advice from industry leaders to help listeners improve and achieve higher levels of performance and success.

The Negative Voice Inside Your Head

Umar starts by addressing the negative voice that exists within everyone's head. He offers a solution to remove and transform this sabotaging voice in just under 30 days. He invites listeners to click on the provided link in the show notes to find out more.

Welcoming Vanessa Oake Hogan and Setting Goals

Umar introduces the guest, Vanessa Oake Hogan, and highlights the significance of the day being four months away from the end of the year. He encourages listeners to identify one thing they can focus on to make a positive impact on their personal and professional lives. Vanessa shares her goal of getting back to her routines and becoming more focused and efficient, which will benefit both her work and family life.

Being Strong to Be an Amazing Giver

Umar discusses the importance of individuals being strong themselves before being there for others. He illustrates this concept by sharing an anecdote about physically leaning on someone and how being strong internally enables one to support others effectively. Vanessa agrees, emphasizing the significance of self-care and being in a position to help others.

Vanessa's Brokerage and Background

Vanessa talks about her real estate brokerage, which she took over from her father. She mentions having grown up in the business and officially becoming a realtor in 2013. Vanessa acknowledges the value of the experience she gained from working in various jobs and companies before joining the family business.

Discovering Greatness in Others

Umar discusses the theory that many individuals have the potential to be top performers but may have limiting beliefs or mindset obstacles. Vanessa agrees and shares how her brokerage focuses on motivating and inspiring agents through programs, training, coaching, and providing ideas to help them be their best. She emphasizes the importance of agents being open and interested in personal growth and improvement.

Discovering Authentic Self and Leading with Love

Umar suggests that individuals need to discover their authentic selves and leverage their strengths while addressing their weaknesses. He advises approaching everything with love, which creates a positive impact on interactions and relationships. Vanessa expresses agreement and shares her desire to lead with her gut instinct while caring for her agents and making decisions aligned with her values.

Balancing Family and Business

Vanessa mentions that her family's well-being is crucial to her happiness and success in both personal and professional aspects. She discusses the challenges of parenting teenagers and wanting them to follow their instincts while providing guidance and support.

Learning from Other Brokers

Vanessa acknowledges the importance of learning from other brokers within the Century 21 franchise. She mentions building relationships and being inspired by leaders who are passionate, hardworking, and innovative. Vanessa values sharing ideas and seeking guidance from other experienced brokers.

Creating a Supportive and Caring Environment

Vanessa emphasizes the importance of fostering a family-like, caring, and supportive environment within her brokerage. She highlights the significance of building relationships, providing support, and helping agents feel valued and heard. Vanessa believes that this approach contributes to agent retention and a positive atmosphere and also building an open and friendly culture in their organization.

Personal Happiness and Productivity

Vanessa shares that her family's well-being brings her happiness. She also mentions that her morning routine, including meditation, working out, and having alone time, helps her stay centered and productive.

The Challenges of Leadership

Umar asks Vanessa about the challenges she faces in her role as a leader. Vanessa admits that she sometimes struggles with wanting everyone to be happy and making decisions that align with her values while considering multiple perspectives.


Umar concludes the podcast episode by expressing his gratitude for Vanessa's presence and insights. He highlights the importance of discovering one's purpose, building a positive company culture, and leading with love. The episode ends with an invitation for listeners to leave a five-star rating and visit Umar's website for additional resources.


What did Vanessa Oake Hogan discuss on the podcast?

How does Vanessa Oake Hogan balance family and business?

What is Vanessa Oake Hogan's approach to leadership?

How does Vanessa Oake Hogan create a supportive and caring environment within her brokerage?

How does Vanessa Oake Hogan stay centered and productive?

What challenges does Vanessa Oake Hogan face as a leader?

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