Rasel Chowdhury on How to Build Resilience Through Adversity

On Episode 304 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Rasel Chowdhury. Rasel is the founder and CEO of Rc Digital Media, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and the podcast host of The Rasel Show. 

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In this episode of "The No Limits Selling Podcast" hosted by Umar Hameed featuring guest Rasel Chowdhury. Rasel and Umar discuss personal resilience, emotional healing, and the importance of purpose and direction in life. Rasel shares his challenging life journey, including losing his parents at a young age, his struggles with mental health, and how he overcame adversity by focusing on positive distractions like learning computer programming and investing in stocks. Umar emphasizes the importance of not being overly attached to outcomes, and instead being committed to one's purpose. He discusses how wanting something too badly can sometimes repel it, and that giving up control can often lead to better outcomes. The conversation concludes with Rasel talking about his desire to help others, especially by providing emotional support. He shares his experience of nearly losing his child and how he and his wife now offer emotional support to other parents in similar situations.

Rasel, who has undergone many challenges in life talks about his resilient spirit and how he doesn't let any difficulties in life hold him back. Rasel and Umar  discuss the transformative experiences in Chowdhury's life that led him to where he is today. After losing both parents at the age of 14 and facing rejection from British immigration, Chowdhury learned to focus on what he could do, rather than what he couldn't. He began to teach himself computer programming and web development, and also became involved in stock brokerage. This experience, coupled with managing his late father's businesses, sparked his interest in business ownership.

Umar emphasizes the importance of knowing who you are and having a sense of purpose. He differentiates between commitment and attachment, suggesting that being committed without being overly attached to the outcome allows for a more joyful journey towards one's goals. Chowdhury echoes this sentiment, noting the importance of enjoying the process. He also shares his recent experience of nearly losing his own child and how he and his wife now provide emotional support to parents in similar situations. Umar Hameed adds his perspective on the difference between commitment and attachment and how the universe tends to respond positively when we commit to our authentic selves and purpose.

At this stage in his life, Rasel is financially stable and wants to give back by growing his podcast and community, as well as supporting others who are facing emotional struggles.


How did Rasel Chowdhury's life change when he was 14?

What did Rasel Chowdhury do after his mindset shift?

What is Rasel Chowdhury's take on life and goals?

What does Rasel Chowdhury aim to do now?

What does Umar Hameed teach about commitment and attachment?

What does Umar Hameed mean by "knowing who you are and what your purpose is"?

What advice does Umar Hameed give about teaching and learning?

What are Rasel's five steps to overcome depression or stress, particularly when dealing with a severe personal issue?

What does the first step - Gratitude - mean in overcoming stress or depression?

What is meant by 'living in the present moment'?

What is the importance of 'acceptance' in dealing with stress or depression?

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