Unleash Real Estate Success With These 3 Powerful Tools

On Episode 162 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Matthew Regan, CEO and Broker of The Regan Team. In this episode, Matthew shares with us 3 powerful tools that unleash real estate success. 

I feel as though I was born and bred into the real estate industry. At a young age, I can remember spending time with my father who began his real estate career in 1974. Spending countless hours as a child listening to the way he conducted his business practices, I realize now that I was being given a gift; building life skills that would prove to be priceless.

I started a small business when I was 12 years of age. “A 12-year-old with a business?” one might say. Well, at the age of 12, I started cutting a few lawns in the summer. By my last year of high school, I was cutting over 75 lawns in a four-day workweek and doing odd jobs on weekends. All while playing quarterback at Lorne Park Secondary School and maintaining grades that eventually took me to the University of Toronto.

Selling real estate is a passion of mine. However, my real passion is the people. Clients that eventually become friends, I get to watch their families grow year after year. My approach to selling them a house is more like helping them build a strong foundation where their roots will eventually run deep, in a community that they are passionate about.

I’m not perfect. That is why I have a perfect team of professionals that surround me. I rely on them and trust their incredible and diverse skill set to help our clientele achieve their long and short-term goals.

In a real industry that has evolved with the times, it’s as though the mantra, “bigger is better,” seems to be today’s trend. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in a high level of customer one-on-one service that is geared toward our clients’ everyday lives. Personal service to every client of ours is done through a small team of professionals.

We are not about rankings and numbers. We are about getting the job done. Doing so in a way that getting to know our clients on a personal level will help to make their buying or selling experience a memorable one. There is no better feeling than being at the grocery store, at the hockey rink, or even on a walk when a past client comes up to you as a friend and asks how things are.

I like to say that opportunity is a gift. Opportunities come in many forms. I am reminded every day how blessed I am to live and work in a community that is filled with vibrant people. People from all walks of life, cultures, ethnicities, and that share one thing in common, the dream and realization of owning a home are more than bricks and mortar. It’s realizing that they, too, have been given the gift of establishing their roots, raising families, and building a community.

I look forward to the opportunity of one day serving you and your family and building relationships that stem from client to friend.

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The podcast begins with an introduction to Matthew Regan, a successful real estate agent with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Matthew shares his journey, starting from his humble beginnings to becoming a top-performing agent in his region. He attributes his success to his relentless pursuit of excellence and his commitment to providing exceptional service to his clients.

Matthew's Philosophy

Matthew discusses his philosophy of "No Limits Selling," which is about pushing beyond perceived limitations to achieve success. He believes that there are no limits to what one can achieve with the right mindset, hard work, and dedication. This philosophy has been a driving force behind his real estate success in the industry.

Overcoming Challenges

Matthew shares some of the challenges he has faced in his career and how he has overcome them. He talks about the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. He also emphasizes the need to learn from failures and use them as stepping stones to real estate success.

The Importance of Client Relationships

Matthew discusses the importance of building strong relationships with clients. He believes that understanding clients' needs and providing personalized service is key to real estate success. He also shares some of his strategies for building and maintaining strong client relationships.

Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Agents

Matthew provides advice for individuals aspiring to become successful real estate agents. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends. He also advises new agents to be patient and persistent, as real estate success does not come overnight.


In this insightful podcast, Matthew Regan, a seasoned real estate agent, shares his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a top-performing professional in his field. He discusses his philosophy of "No Limits Selling," emphasizing the importance of pushing beyond perceived limitations, resilience, and dedication to achieve real estate success. Matthew highlights the significance of building strong client relationships and delivering personalized service, which he believes are key to achieving real estate success. 

He also offers valuable advice to aspiring agents, encouraging continuous learning, patience, and persistence. The podcast encapsulates Matthew's commitment to excellence, his approach to overcoming challenges, and his unwavering focus on client satisfaction, serving as an inspiring guide for those aiming to make their mark in the real estate industry.

Questions & Answers

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What is Matthew Regan's approach to business?

What challenges has Matthew Regan faced in his career?

What was a key takeaway from the podcast with Matthew Regan?

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What is Matthew Regan's view on personal growth and development?

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