Unlocking Success: 5 Proven  Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Industry

In today’s episode of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Jonathan Tager, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at The Corcoran Group.

Jonathan Tager’s Tip: “And if anyone is listening to her right now and doesn't know what the 80/20 rule is, I highly urge you to go onto YouTube and type in 80/20 rule. And if you do anything today, I think that'll be the most important thing you did today.”

Guest Bio:

Growing up in Beverly Hills and immersed in the entertainment industry, Jonathan Tager's career initially revolved around film projects. His father, an interior designer, instilled in him a deep appreciation for properties, their designs, and their architectural uniqueness, which eventually sparked his interest in real estate. Jonathan's journey in this field is marked by innovative Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate, a key factor in his success.

Jonathan is a dual-licensed professional, serving as an associate broker in New York State and a sales agent in California. This versatility allows him to effectively sell properties and manage business endeavors on both coasts. His achievements in the real estate sector are largely due to his straightforward, no-nonsense attitude and creative, out-of-the-box thinking. These qualities, along with his adeptness in real estate lead generation strategies, ensure that he consistently meets and exceeds his client's expectations in the dynamic real estate market.

Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

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  1. Umar Hameed introduces himself as the host of The No Limits Selling Podcast, focused on helping individuals improve their performance and success.
  2. Mentions a program to remove negative self-talk and transform it into a voice that drives success.

Conversation with Jonathan Tager

  1. Umar welcomes Jonathan Tager, a realtor from Montreal, currently in New York City.
  2. They recall meeting at a coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  3. Umar brings up Jonathan's background in stand-up comedy and discusses the relation between stand-up and real estate.

Stand-up Comedy and Real Estate

  1. Jonathan highlights the importance of having a sense of humor in real estate.
  2. Emphasizes the need to sell oneself effectively, whether as a comedian or a realtor.
  3. Authenticity and connection with the audience are crucial in stand-up comedy and real estate sales.
  4. Jonathan shares a personal story of talking a hesitant buyer into purchasing a property during a market downturn.

Five Best Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate: Effective Ways to Generate Leads

  1. Newsletters: Jonathan emphasizes the importance of regular newsletters to stay in touch with contacts and provide valuable information.
  2. Social Media: Discusses leveraging social media platforms to connect with a broader audience.
  3. Homebot: Recommends using automated systems like Homebot to provide value to clients by keeping them informed about their property's value and options.
  4. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Jonathan praises the CRM system provided by Corcoran, his real estate agency, for helping him stay organized and focused on client interactions.
  5. Reaching Out to People: Encourages contacting both familiar and unfamiliar individuals who may be potential buyers, sellers, or renters.

What Brings Joy to Real Estate Work

  1. Jonathan expresses joy in helping clients, specifically mentioning a current positive experience with an inherited property sale.
  2. Highlights the satisfaction of assisting good people in achieving their goals.

Mind Hack for Productivity

  1. Jonathan mentions the 80/20 rule as a critical mindset to prioritize activities that yield results and income.
  2. Advises focusing on the 20% of activities that have the most significant impact.


  1. Umar's appreciation towards Jonathan's insightful contribution emphasizes the importance of sharing expert knowledge on Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate, an essential aspect for success in the industry.

  2. The invitation to rate the podcast and the offer of a free mind training course on Umar's website reflects a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, key factors in mastering effective real estate lead generation techniques.


What Are the Best Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate?

What is the importance of being honest in real estate?

How does Jonathan Tager stay in touch with clients?

How does Jonathan Tager handle reaching out to unfamiliar people in his real estate career?

What is the value of attending lunches with influential individuals in the industry?

What is the 80/20 rule in real estate?

What CRM does Jonathan Tager use?

How does Jonathan Tager incorporate the concept of helping people into his real estate business?

How does Jonathan Tager automate certain aspects of his real estate work?

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