Why Authentic Leadership is Important

In today’s episode of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Andrea MacKenzie, Founder of Lead With Harmony.

Andrea MacKenzie’s Tip: “Authenticity makes great leaders. If we know ourselves and who we are, that's what we're leading with most.”

Guest Bio:

Andrea MacKenzie is helping companies to hire, build, and lead teams for business growth and workplace well-being through her company Lead With Harmony. She is working with growth-oriented small business owners and executives to hire, develop, and lead their teams towards higher performance, lower stress, and stronger leadership.

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Andrea MacKenzie is a leadership coach and the founder of Lead With Harmony. She has dedicated her career to helping individuals, teams, and organizations grow into their full potential.

The Importance of Self-Awareness in Leadership

Andrea emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in leadership. She believes that leaders must understand their own strengths, weaknesses, and values to effectively lead others. This self-awareness allows leaders to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and build stronger relationships.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional intelligence is another key aspect of effective leadership, according to Andrea. She suggests that leaders who are emotionally intelligent are better able to understand and manage their own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This can lead to improved communication, conflict resolution, and team dynamics.

The Concept of "Lead With Harmony"

Andrea discusses her concept of "Lead With Harmony". This approach to leadership focuses on creating a balance between achieving business goals and maintaining a positive, harmonious work environment. Andrea believes that this balance is essential for long-term success and sustainability.

The Impact of Leadership Styles on Team Dynamics

Andrea also talks about the impact of different leadership styles on team dynamics. She suggests that leaders need to adapt their style to the needs of their team and the situation at hand. This flexibility can help to improve team performance and satisfaction.

The Importance of Vision and Values

Andrea believes that having a clear vision and strong values is crucial for both individuals and organizations. She suggests that when people understand their own values and the vision of the organization, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work.

The Role of Fear in Personal and Professional Growth

Andrea discusses the role of fear in personal and professional growth. She suggests that fear often holds people back from taking action and achieving their goals. However, she believes that by confronting and overcoming these fears, individuals can unlock their full potential.


The podcast concludes with Andrea sharing her contact information for anyone interested in her coaching services. She encourages listeners to reach out to her if they are interested in learning more about her approach to leadership and personal growth.


What is Andrea MacKenzie's approach to leadership?

What is the role of self-awareness in leadership according to Andrea MacKenzie?

How does Andrea MacKenzie define emotional intelligence in leadership?

What is the concept of "Lead With Harmony"?

How does Andrea MacKenzie view the impact of different leadership styles on team dynamics?

What is Andrea MacKenzie's perspective on fear and personal growth?

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