How To Build A Strong Business Empire by Brad Sugars

On Episode 250 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Brad Sugars. Internationally known as one of the most influential entrepreneurs, Brad Sugars, a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the #1 business coach in the world, tells us how to build a strong business empire. Over the course of his 30-year career as an entrepreneur, Brad has become the CEO of 9+ companies and is the owner of the multi-million-dollar franchise ActionCOACH®.

As a husband and father of five, Brad is equally as passionate about his family as he is about business. That's why, Brad is a strong advocate for building a business that works without you - so you can spend more time doing what really matters to you. Over the years of starting, scaling and selling many businesses, Brad has earned his fair share of scars.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy road. But if you can learn from those who have gone before you, it becomes a lot easier than going at it alone. That’s why Brad has created 90 Days To Revolutionize Your Life – It’s 30 minutes a day for 90 days, teaching you his 30 years experience on investing, business and life.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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Introduction and Background of Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH, a globally recognized business coaching franchise, is the guest on the No Limits Selling podcast. Sugars began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and have since written 16 books on business and personal success. He started ActionCOACH in his 20s, and it has since grown into a successful franchise.

The Significance of Business Coaching

Sugars emphasizes the crucial role of business coaching for entrepreneurs. He asserts that a coach can help business owners identify their blind spots, enhance their skills, and ultimately expand their businesses.

The Function of ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH assists business owners in various areas, including sales, marketing, team building, and business systems. They provide a structured approach to business growth, which involves setting goals, devising action plans, and conducting regular follow-ups.

Sugars' Advice for Entrepreneurs

Sugars advises entrepreneurs to concentrate on their strengths and delegate the rest. He also underscores the importance of continuous learning and adapting to changes in the business environment.

The Future of Business

According to Sugars, the future of business is rooted in technology and automation. He encourages business owners to embrace technology and utilize it to enhance their business operations.

Personal Success Mantra

Sugars shares his success mantra, "Learn before you earn." He believes that continuous learning and personal development are the keys to success.

Sugars' New Book: "Pulling Profits Out of a Hat"

Sugars introduces his new book, "Pulling Profits Out of a Hat," which offers a systematic approach to increasing business profits. He is confident that the strategies outlined in the book can help any business become more profitable.


In the podcast, Brad shares his journey from his early business days to his current success, emphasizing the importance of learning from failures and the role of sales and marketing in business growth. He provides valuable advice to entrepreneurs, encouraging persistence, continuous learning, and embracing mistakes as part of the journey towards success. The podcast concludes with the host expressing gratitude for Brad's insights and advice.


Who is Brad Sugars?

What is the importance of business coaching according to Brad Sugars?

How does ActionCOACH help business owners?

What advice does Brad Sugars have for entrepreneurs?

What does Brad Sugars believe about the future of business?

What is Brad Sugars' personal success mantra?

What is Brad Sugars' new book about?

How can I learn more about ActionCOACH or Brad Sugars' new book?

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