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3 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Business In 2022

3 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Business In 2022

On Episode 196 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Hamish Knox, a member of the global Sandler network. Hamish supports private organizations in Southern Alberta in creating and maintaining scalable, repeatable, consistent sales engines and an engaged, motivated team by holding them accountable for implementing the structures, systems, and processes shared in our sessions.

Hamish worked in a variety of industries including media, communication services, software, and professional sports before joining the Sandler network, which melded his passions for sales and education.

Hamish was named the 2020 David H. Sandler Award winner, Sandler’s highest honor, becoming the first Canadian trainer to receive that award. He was the first two-time author in the Sandler network, writing books on topics no one likes to talk about. His first book was on Accountability the Sandler Way and his second on Change the Sandler Way. Hamish is regularly invited by Sandler Home Office to speak at Sandler’s train-the-trainer conferences and Sandler’s public Sales and Leadership Summit in Orlando.

Committed to giving back so other entrepreneurs can enjoy the same opportunities he had when he launched his business, Hamish is an active mentor with Futurpreneur Canada, is a Maple Leaf Club donor to Enactus Canada, and is a volunteer judge for regional and national student entrepreneur competitions.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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The podcast begins with an introduction of Hamish Knox, a Sandler Training President, and author of two books, "Change the Sandler Way" and "Accountability the Sandler Way". He is recognized for his expertise in sales, leadership, and accountability. Hamish shares his journey, starting from his early career in journalism and transitioning into sales and leadership training.

Hamish's Transition from Journalism to Sales

In this section, Hamish discusses his transition from journalism to sales. He explains that his journalism background provided him with a unique perspective on sales and leadership. His ability to ask insightful questions and understand people's motivations helped him excel in his new career. He also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adapting to new environments.

The Sandler Training Method

Hamish delves into the Sandler Training method, a unique sales system that focuses on the psychology of buying and selling rather than just techniques. He explains that the Sandler method emphasizes the importance of building relationships, understanding the client's needs, and providing solutions rather than just selling a product. This approach, he argues, leads to more successful and sustainable sales.

Accountability in Sales

Hamish discusses the concept of accountability in sales. He explains that accountability is not about blame but about understanding one's responsibilities and delivering on them. He emphasizes that effective salespeople are those who take accountability for their actions and results. He also shares insights on how to create a culture of accountability within a sales team.

Change Management

In this section, Hamish talks about change management, a topic he explores in his book "Change the Sandler Way". He discusses the challenges of implementing change within an organization and shares strategies for overcoming resistance to change. He emphasizes the importance of communication and involvement in successful change management.


In this insightful podcast, Hamish Knox, a Sandler Training President, and author, shares his journey from journalism to sales and leadership training, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and continuous learning. He discusses the Sandler Training method, which prioritizes understanding clients' needs and building relationships over traditional sales techniques. Knox also explores the concept of accountability in sales, stressing that it's about recognizing responsibilities and delivering on them, not assigning blame. He delves into change management, outlining the challenges of implementing change and strategies to overcome resistance, underscoring the crucial role of communication and involvement.

The podcast encapsulates Knox's advice for salespeople and leaders to embrace change, take accountability, and continuously learn and adapt, with a strong focus on understanding and meeting client needs for sustainable sales success.

Questions & Answers

Who is Hamish Knox and what is his expertise?

What is the Sandler Training method?

How does Hamish Knox define accountability in sales?

What are Hamish Knox's views on change management?

What advice does Hamish Knox give to salespeople and leaders?

What are the key takeaways from Hamish Knox's podcast?

Where can I learn more about Hamish Knox's insights on sales and leadership?

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