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Kelly Stith On Having a Near Death Transformation


Kelly Stith On Having a Near Death Transformation

On Episode 197 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Kelly Stith. He helps businesses improve their sales not through sales training but through mind training.

Also, small businesses have the same problems as big businesses but don't have the big business resources, i.e., Provide small businesses with those big business resources but within small business budgets.

Specialties: Identity Theft Protection, Business Consultation Services, Legal Consultation Services, Golf Advice, NLP, Sales Increase

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Introduction and Background

The podcast begins with the host, Umar Hameed, introducing Kelly Stith, a golf caddy who had a near-death experience that led to a profound transformation in his life. Kelly was traveling across the country for work when he experienced a heart issue in El Paso, Texas. He was taken to the hospital and later airlifted to Houston for further treatment.

The Accident and Near-Death Experience

Kelly describes the intense pain he felt in his chest during the incident, along with difficulty breathing. He emphasizes the importance of calling 911 immediately in such situations. After being transferred to Houston, Kelly reflects on the person he was before the event, describing himself as a decent person who was content with life but lacked true joy.

Awakening and Transformation

Kelly shares that the transformation began during the flight from El Paso to Houston. Despite the seriousness of his condition, he felt a sense of importance and confidence during the flight, realizing the value of life and the care provided by the medical team. He experiences a newfound confidence and happiness, detached from ego-driven motivations. Kelly acknowledges that he is still in the early stages of this transformation but emphasizes the shift towards just being himself, without worrying about others' opinions.

Taking Action and Sharing Joy

Kelly discusses the impact of his transformation on his actions and goals. He talks about his passion for photography and how, after the near-death experience, he started selling his photographs on Etsy. He sold 24 pieces within a short period and plans to expand his photography business further, aiming to sell 100 photos a month by the end of 2022. Kelly also expresses his desire to connect with loved ones and spread joy to others.


In this podcast episode, Umar Hameed interviews Kelly Stith, who shares his transformative journey after experiencing a near-death incident. Kelly describes the intense pain he felt during the episode and emphasizes the importance of promptly seeking medical help. Following the event, he undergoes a profound transformation, gaining a newfound confidence and happiness. Kelly's perspective shifts, and he embraces just being himself, detached from others' opinions. He takes action by pursuing his passion for photography, selling his photos online, and connecting with loved ones. The podcast concludes with admiration for Kelly's positive transformation and well wishes for his continued recovery and future endeavors.

Questions & Answers

What is the podcast episode "Kelly Stith On Having a Near Death Transformation" about?

How did Kelly Stith's near-death experience transform his life?

What lessons can we learn from Kelly Stith's story?

How did Kelly Stith's transformation impact his photography business?

What is the significance of Kelly Stith's emphasis on connecting with loved ones?

How can Kelly Stith's journey inspire personal transformation in listeners?

What is the overall message of the podcast episode?

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