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How To Hire An Effective Sales Coach

Have you ever wondered what the number one coaching skill is? That would help you go from where you are right now to where you want to be. When hiring a sales coach make sure they are experts in changing mindset. With the right sales coach, you can go from good to great. Hi, everyone. […]

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5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Sales

I came across an interesting definition of business: getting and retaining new customers. If companies are not acquiring new customers, retaining current customers, and growing accounts, they are dead or dying. The same applies to salespeople; if you are not acquiring new customers, retaining current costumers, and growing each account, you will be replaced. The […]

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12 Tips To Improve Sales Performance

“Activities Determine Your Results. To Get Better Results You Must Improve Your Actions. The Fastest Way To Improve Your Actions Is To Improve Your Mindset.” Umar Hameed Success Coach Here are the tips to improve sales performance: 1. Plan your day the night before to help you ensure you get the important stuff done. This […]

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Get Unstuck With NLP

What is NLP? [embedyt][/embedyt] [ video transcript] Hello everyone my name is Umar Hameed and I want to share an idea with you. Well NLP has been an important part of my life for a very long time and here is how I got introduced to it. I was running a company, it was […]

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Overcoming Fear With NLP

In this multiple installment article I will share how NLP can help you overcome fear [embedyt][/embedyt] [Video Transcript] Hello everyone my name is Umar Hameed and I want to share an idea with you. Fear is the enemy of success. You know just when we are about to do something interesting, something amazing, something […]

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How to motivate salespeople?

Heart is what separates average performers from superstars. This is true for every human endeavor including Sports, Sales, Leadership, Love and Life. The person or team with the bigger heart wins! Well, there is nothing like hearing it from the master himself. Take it away Mickey! [embedyt][/embedyt] Having more heart means you won’t give […]

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What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is often misunderstood because of the way it was founded. In many disciplines a set of guiding principles are established. Often one of the principles is “This is the best and only way to accomplish a particular task.” This principle often blocks that discipline from evolving. Participants discount or ridicule other options […]

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