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Umar Hameed


“Activities Determine Your Results. To Get Better Results You Must Improve Your Actions. The Fastest Way To Improve Your Actions Is To Improve Your Mindset.”

Umar Hameed Success Coach

Here are the tips to improve sales performance:

1. Plan your day the night before to help you ensure you get the important stuff done. This is so basic that most salespeople don’t take this step. But, all top performers do because it leads to more wins.

2. Exercise makes your feel great. Research shows that it improves your mood and it boosts your energy. This has a positive impact on your mindset.

3. Meditate to get a winning mindset. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation reduces stress while improving concentration, self awareness and it makes you happier…giving you a winning mindset.

4. Listen UP! Active listening improves your customer relation- ships and allows you to get a deeper understanding of the issues. Clients like doing business with salespeople that understand them and their situation better…which helps you sell more.

5. Movie making increases your success rate. Forty percent (40%) of your brain is designed to process visual information. Before you start your day, make a movie of it so your brain knows exactly what you want to have happen. This practice also highlights any trouble spots in your day before they happen.

6. Bold moves are the difference that separates good salespeople from great ones. Plan one bold move each day and watch your sales take off.


7. Learn one new thing each day. This keeps your brain active and ensures you are always improving. Learn one new sales idea each day and you will become a top performer in your organization.

8. Results are all that count at the end of the day. Always set your sights on the result you want from each sales meeting. This practice ensures you don’t have any wasted sales meetings. And, you close deals faster.

9. Referrals are the fastest way to increase your business. Make it a point to reach out to your clients each quarter and ask them for referrals. This ensures your sales pipeline is always full.

10. One more activity each day improves your sales performance. Whether it is one extra call or one extra referral you ask for. Going for one more is easy to do. And, it is the best way to improve your performance.

11. ROT stands for Return On Time. Time is your most valuable asset. To ensure you don’t waste any of it, ask yourself, “Will this meeting give me the appropriate return on my time?” You can always get more money but time is irreplaceable.

12. Happiness is the key to a successful life. Always ask yourself,, “How can I increase my level of happiness while doing this task?” If the answer is, “I hate this task,” it makes it an ideal task for delegation.

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