January 27

Umar Hameed


Heart is what separates average performers from superstars. This is true for every human endeavor including Sports, Sales, Leadership, Love and Life.

The person or team with the bigger heart wins!

Well, there is nothing like hearing it from the master himself. Take it away Mickey!


Having more heart means you won’t give up. Tenacity is an attribute common to all champions. You can’t learn this in a traditional sales or leadership training.

The question is how do you get a more courageous heart? NLP provides an amazingly powerful tools to do just that. I have created mind training that will show you how to be more awesomer than you already are.
Take a look at the mind training section of the course below. It is a free course. All that I ask is, if you like it share it with others.


Free Mind Training: https://nolimitsselling.zenler.com/

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