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Our Beliefs about Money VS Our Actual Income

Yesterday I was doing a presentation for this group and I was trying to explain the relationship between what we earn and the beliefs we have about money. So I said “Okay, this is what I would like you to do and you could try this at home too. Take a deep breath, hold it […]

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Point One of the 7.1 Keys

It was 7.1 keys to becoming a superstar salesperson and this is that point one (.1) which I think is the smallest and the one that has the biggest impact on your sales career. If you remember the 7 keys to becoming a superstar salesperson, 1) Finding the right target, 2) Cold calling, 3) Getting […]

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Live, Love and Sell

I’ve been thinking about love, life and sales. So I started wondering about love and what the counterpart of love is. Some people think the counterpart of love is hate. Others think that the counterpart is apathy. But I believe that what if the counterpart of love is fear? Because when we have fear, we […]

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The ‘Word’ Experiment

The words that we use are actually thoughts inside our heads. The words we use also become thoughts in other people’s heads because they have to understand what you’re saying. Those thoughts are the programs that run your brain that dictate how you perceive the world and how you interact with it.     So […]

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How to Remove Office Politics from Your Organization

With great power comes great responsibility! The big idea here is co-existing. More often than not, companies merge together in order to facilitate growth in their business. With such collaborations, there are not just two varying companies but a mix of people with different beliefs and cultures comes together on similar grounds. The hearts of […]

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Great Clients: Where and How to Get Them?

I just closed two accounts today. One of them actually did something where I had a conversation. The other one was just someone calling out of the blue and saying, “I want to work with you!” The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I have developed a seminar for people in the professional […]

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Explain VS Understand

I was at a networking event the other day and this gentleman stood up and said, “I hope lawyers explain things to juries.” And that got me thinking about what he just said, the word: ‘explain’. The word that he said and that means he was thinking it. So words are really just programs that […]

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