I just closed two accounts today. One of them actually did something where I had a conversation. The other one was just someone calling out of the blue and saying, “I want to work with you!” The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I have developed a seminar for people in the professional services arena as people that are architects, lawyers, accountants, they love what they do. Solving customers’ problems and getting customers breakthroughs is the juice that they get and they love out of their work.

On the other hand, the thing that they don’t like is acquiring new clients because to be able to acquire new clients you have to be a salesperson. A lot of these people are not a salesperson by profession because they don’t want to be salespeople but they want opportunities to work with great clients.

So I have developed this workshop called ‘Getting Great Clients’ and it’s all about you being who you are, being authentic, being connected to your passion and I teach you how to connect with other human beings in a profound way so you can have conversations that lead to customers. So if you’re in the professional services arena and you want to get more clients, this seminar is going to be ideal for you!

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