October 28

Umar Hameed


Now that you’ve efficiently closed a great business deal, you need to get as many referrals as possible. So you’ve got the date set up. You can start by asking them, “You have obviously found value in what we’re doing. Are there any other departments in your company that we should be talking to? Are there any people in other industries that you know, friends in other companies that would benefit from a conversation with me?”


As you start laying out the groundwork there, at times they are so happy with you they will say,”Yeah you have to talk to this division of our company, they’re complaining about the same issues, you should be able to help them” right away. Or, “I’ve got a friend he works in some company, my wife works in that company, I’m going to do an introduction. It’s possible that you don’t feel comfortable right there and then on the sale. It’s perfectly understandable. So as you start providing the solution make sure you always start reminding them that you’d be happy to get referrals into the company so you can deepen into that account, or into other companies so you can open new accounts. It’s because those recommendations and referrals make your job a hundred times easier by getting appointments with other people so you can start the whole process again and sell more products. Fill up your pipeline. Become a hero to your sales manager, to the VP of sales, to the owner of the company, and especially to your family cause you’ll be bringing wheelbarrows full of money back home!

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