The Ultimate Inspiration to Keep Going by Mike Shelah

On Episode 171 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Mike Shelah, Business Performance Advisor at Insperity.

In December 1999, he began his career in technology sales. He also started to build and develop his skills in Emotional Intelligence, sales strategy, leadership, networking, LinkedIn training, prospecting, and public speaking.

In 2011, he began to share those experiences as a consultant, and in January 2015, he launched his website. He spends his time with people, helping them become better. He starts as a leader within to help others find the leader in them and develop greatness. September 2019 marked his beginning in full-time IT sales and consulting for companies in the Maryland market, including Baltimore, Washington D.C., and surrounding counties.

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The podcast features Mike Shelah, a seasoned technology sales professional and LinkedIn evangelist. The host, Umar Hameed, introduces Mike and asks him to share his background and what he does. Mike explains that he started his technology sales career in 1999 and has since developed skills in emotional intelligence, sales strategy, leadership, networking, LinkedIn training, prospecting, and public speaking. He launched his website in 2015 and has been sharing his experiences as a consultant.

Mike Shelah's Background and Motivation

Mike identifies himself primarily as a salesman and a LinkedIn evangelist. He believes that most salespeople are not good at using LinkedIn, and he found a market in sharing his skills and experiences in sales and LinkedIn. His goal is to help salespeople be more successful by finding deals faster, closing deals faster, and selling bigger deals.

Mike's primary motivation is his family, which includes a wife and two children, one with special needs. He finds it rewarding to wake up in the morning, do what he loves, help people, and make a living to take care of his family.

Mike's Mentors and Inspirations

Mike mentions that he has several mentors, one of whom is Pete Coal Ash. He credits Pete for providing him with more wisdom and insight in the last three years than anyone else before that. Mike also shares that his favorite superhero is Superman because of his all-powerful nature and his decision to use his power responsibly and identify with the human race.

Mike's Sales Career

Mike's first sales job was with the Combined Insurance Company of America. He shares that he put more money into his gas tank than he did into his bank account during the six months he worked for them. However, he acknowledges that the company taught him a lot about sales.

Mike's best deal was with Howard Bank, where the initial contract was $9,000 a month. He closed that deal in under 60 days and grew it to $22,000 a month. The business was in Telecom, providing phone service and internet access.

Mike's Views on Leadership and Sales

Mike believes that leadership is about influencing people to take the right actions and not using brute force. He also thinks that the sales industry is changing rapidly and that salespeople need to continuously learn and adapt. He emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in sales and how raising one's emotional intelligence can increase their ability to sell effectively.

Mike's Future Plans

Mike expresses his interest in mentoring and training others. He shares that he was approached by a large company to train their sales team on a full-time basis. He is excited about this opportunity because he believes that sales training is often lacking at the corporate level. He also sees value in coaching sales managers because it multiplies efforts and makes time spent with sales reps more powerful.


In conclusion, the podcast presents Mike Shelah's journey as a technology sales professional and LinkedIn evangelist, highlighting his commitment to helping others succeed in the sales industry. His career, marked by continuous learning and adaptation, underscores the importance of emotional intelligence and effective leadership in sales. Motivated by his family and inspired by his mentors, Mike has leveraged his skills to close significant deals and plans to further contribute to the field by providing sales training at the corporate level. His insights and experiences offer valuable lessons for anyone in the sales industry, emphasizing the need for continuous learning, emotional intelligence, and influential leadership for success.

Questions & Answers

Who is Mike Shelah and what does he do?

What is Mike Shelah's motivation in his sales career?

Who are Mike Shelah's mentors and inspirations?

What was Mike Shelah's first sales job and his best deal?

What are Mike Shelah's views on leadership and sales?

What are the key takeaways from Mike Shelah's podcast?

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