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The Future of Marketing by Peter Reitano

Peter Reitano is an agency side marketing veteran with 10 years in the industry. He built and sold Spark Marketing, teaches digital marketing at Bitmaker Labs, mentors at Futurpreneur and regularly speaks at conferences and industry panels around the world. Now CEO of Abacus, a company specializing in Facebook Advertising.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Double down on your success
  • Make a plan and don’t stick with it
  • Don’t drink your own kool-aid
  • Develop a killer sales process and stick with it
  • Relationships build strong sales
Future of Marketing



The document is a transcript of an interview conducted by Umar Hameed with Peter Reitano, the CEO of Abacus, a performance marketing agency. Peter has over a decade of experience in the marketing industry and has worked with renowned brands such as GE, Adidas, and Reebok.

Peter Reitano's Journey in Marketing

Peter Reitano shares his journey in the marketing industry, starting from traditional marketing and transitioning into digital marketing. He discusses his experiences with startups and the circumstances that led him to establish his own agency. His journey is marked by continuous learning and adaptation, reflecting the dynamic nature of the marketing industry.

The Importance of Mindset

The conversation delves into the significance of mindset in achieving success. Peter emphasizes the necessity of a growth mindset in the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry. He suggests that being open to learning and adapting is crucial for staying relevant and effective in the field.

The Future of Marketing

Peter provides insights into the future of marketing. He predicts a shift towards a more data-driven approach, with a strong focus on performance and results. This shift is expected to revolutionize the way marketing strategies are developed and implemented.

Role of Technology in Marketing

The interview also explores the role of technology in marketing. While acknowledging the importance of technology, Peter argues that it's the strategy and creativity that truly drive success in marketing. He suggests that technology should serve as a tool to enhance, not replace, these fundamental aspects of marketing.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Towards the end of the interview, Peter offers advice for individuals looking to start their own business. He underscores the importance of assembling a competent team and having a clear vision. These elements, according to Peter, are key to establishing and running a successful business.

Questions & Answers

Who is Peter Reitano and what is his role in the marketing industry?

What is Peter Reitano's journey in the marketing industry?

What is the importance of mindset according to Peter Reitano?

What does Peter Reitano predict about the future of marketing?

What is the role of technology in marketing according to Peter Reitano?

What advice does Peter Reitano offer for aspiring entrepreneurs?

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Future of Marketing, Peter Reitano

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