The Importance of Vision and Mission by Greg Derwart

Greg Derwart is a senior operations executive with over 25 years of professional experience in the private sector, government and nonprofit arenas. He serves as Managing Director for the Maryland Department of Commerce.

In addition to heading up the Department’s Administration and Technology team, he is also taking a leadership role in corporate culture and customer experience, including Governor Hogan’s statewide customer service initiative. 

The Maryland Department of Commerce stimulates private investment and creates jobs by attracting new businesses, encouraging the expansion and retention of existing companies, and providing financial assistance to Maryland companies.

The Department promotes the State's many economic advantages and markets local products and services at home and abroad to spur economic development and international investment, trade, and tourism. This podcast is about the importance of vision and mission.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Build a YES customer service mentality within your org
  • Grow your middle managers if you want a powerful org
  • Stay true to your strategic plan, it allows for creativity while keeping you on track
Importance of Vision

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The document is a transcription of a conversation between Umar Hameed and Greg Derwart, a representative of the Maryland Department of Commerce. The discussion revolves around Greg's professional journey, the importance of a clear vision and mission in a company, the significance of a growth mindset, and the role of optimism in overcoming challenges.

Greg Derwart's Journey

Greg Derwart shares his professional journey, which began with his role as a teacher and led him to his current position at the Maryland Department of Commerce. He also reflects on his time in the private sector, where he worked for a company undergoing a significant transition. This experience taught him about the pivotal role of company culture.

The Importance of Vision and Mission

The conversation highlights the importance of having a clear vision and mission within a company. Greg emphasizes that it's not enough for these to exist; they must be understood and embraced by everyone in the organization. This alignment ensures that all employees are working towards the same goals.

The Role of a Growth Mindset

Greg discusses the significance of having a growth mindset in the professional world. He believes that being open to learning and willing to take on challenges are key to personal and professional development. Additionally, he underscores the value of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Optimism and Positive Attitude

Towards the end of the discussion, the focus shifts to the power of positivity. Greg asserts that maintaining a positive attitude and being optimistic are crucial, especially when confronting challenges. He believes that a positive outlook can significantly impact the outcome of difficult situations.

Advice for Leaders

Greg concludes the conversation by offering some advice for leaders. He encourages leaders to be authentic, open to feedback, and prepared to make tough decisions. He believes that these qualities are essential for effective leadership and the overall success of any organization.

Questions & Answers

Who is Greg Derwart and what is his professional background?

What did Greg Derwart learn from his experience in the private sector?

Why does Greg Derwart emphasize the importance of a clear vision and mission in a company?

What does Greg Derwart mean by having a "growth mindset"?

How does Greg Derwart view the role of optimism and a positive attitude in professional life?

What advice does Greg Derwart offer to leaders?

How does Greg Derwart's professional journey inspire others?

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Greg Derwart, Importance of Vision

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