September 4

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The Art of Prospecting by Barry Andruschak

On Episode 31 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Barry Andruschak, National Sales Director at Primerica. Barry discusses the art of prospecting, which he defines as putting names on a list. He suggests starting with close friends, family, business associates, and classmates.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Your beliefs drive performance
  • There are 4 types of markets
  • Focus on Analytics to be successful
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The Art of Prospecting

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Introduction and Guest Background

The podcast is hosted by Umar Hameed and features guest Barry Andruschak, author of the book "Setting Appointments Made Easy". Barry is an introvert who has found success in sales, and he shares his strategies and tips for setting appointments and making sales.

Importance of Appointments in Sales

Barry emphasizes the importance of appointments in the sales process. He argues that even if you have the best product or service in the world, it's almost pointless if you can't get an appointment or get anyone to listen to you. Appointments are everything in sales.

Identifying the Market

Barry explains that he identifies his market in four different ways: hot market, warm market, cold market, and cool market. He explains that a cold market is nothing more than people you have nothing in common with, strangers, or people that you don't know or people that you've made mad. A cool market prospect is someone you have something in common with.

Art of Prospecting

Barry discusses the art of prospecting, which he defines as putting names on a list. He suggests starting with close friends, family, business associates, and classmates. He believes that each person knows at least 450 people and has the buying influence on five or six other people. Therefore, if you can make a friend with a person and they like what you do, they'll refer you on to other people, expanding your market.

Making the Call

Barry shares his approach to making calls. He emphasizes the importance of warming people up on the phone and causing them to want to see you. He suggests using phrases like "Are you locked in?" or "Are you open to suggestions?" to engage the person on the other end of the line and make them more receptive to what you have to say.

Confidence Boosting Techniques

Barry discusses the importance of confidence in making sales calls. He suggests that salespeople need to learn their lines, much like actors, to be successful. He also emphasizes the importance of tonality and making a positive impression in the first few seconds of a call.


In conclusion, the podcast features Barry Andruschak, a successful salesperson and author, who shares his insights on the importance of appointments in sales, identifying markets, prospecting, and making effective calls.

He categorizes markets into hot, warm, cold, and cool, and emphasizes the significance of warming up prospects during calls. Barry also highlights the role of confidence in sales, suggesting that salespeople should learn their lines like actors and pay attention to their tonality.

Questions & Answers

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How does Barry Andruschak categorize markets?

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How does Barry Andruschak boost confidence in sales calls?

What is the purpose of Barry Andruschak's book "Setting Appointments Made Easy"?

How can I improve my sales skills as an introvert?

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