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Medical Industry Trends by Scott Melamed

On Episode 18 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Scott Melamed. Scott is presently the President & Chief Operating Officer of 2 sister practice groups, ProMD Health and Baltimore Tattoo Removal. He is also one of the Founders of Telthera, a men’s health-focused telemedicine technology company. In 2017 Scott led his team to win the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau.

Scott brings a wealth of experience from a management consulting background at Accenture. Prior to joining Accenture, Scott attended Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a Master’s degree in Biotechnology where he focused his coursework on Novel Drug Development and Large Firm Leadership. At the time he was also working as research technologist studying pancreatic cancer and type I diabetes. He was later promoted to a laboratory manager role. Scott is a published author in academic journals.

In his free time, Scott sits on the Board of Directors for the Calvert Animal Rescue and is an Advisory Board Member for the Allergan Medspa Board. Scott is also an active volunteer with Johns Hopkins Alumni recruiting, the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, The House of Ruth, VOLO City, Pi Kappa Alpha, Calvert Animal Rescue, the Better Business Bureau, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, & several other organizations.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Your most valuable asset is your time. Use it wisely.
  • Great leaders help their people become great leaders too
  • Maximize your highs and do everything you can to mitigate your lows

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The podcast features Scott Melamed, the president and chief operating officer at Pro MD Health. Scott has a diverse background, having started his career as a firefighter in New York, then transitioning into a research scientist at Johns Hopkins, and eventually moving into consulting. He has also been involved in various businesses, including a men's telemedicine pharmacy and a tattoo removal business.

Medical Industry Trends

Scott Melamed delves deep into the evolving landscape of the medical industry. From the rapid integration of technology to patient-centric care models, Scott offers a front-row seat to the transformative trends shaping healthcare today. As ProMD Health stands at the forefront of these changes, listeners gain invaluable insights into what the future holds for medical professionals and patients alike. Don't miss this deep dive into the pulse of modern healthcare.

Motivation and Mentorship

Scott believes that respect for the people who have helped him along his journey is what motivates him. He acknowledges the time and effort invested by his mentors, parents, family, and business partner in his success. One of his significant mentors was Lawrence Arnheim, a professor at Johns Hopkins, who encouraged him to pursue his own path and marry his interests in medicine and business.

Sales and Leadership

Scott's approach to motivating his sales team involves open and adaptive planning. He has divided his staff into different committees, such as communications, education, morale, and efficiency, each with its members and a champion.

This structure allows everyone's ideas to be heard and implemented, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation. The best sales advice he has received is to acknowledge what you don't know and be honest about it. He believes in leveraging the strengths of others to close deals effectively.

Entrepreneurship and Career Advice

Scott emphasizes the importance of reading good books and learning from them. He believes that the insights gained from reading are more valuable than formal education. When asked about the advice he would give to his future children, he highlights the importance of being adaptable, understanding that failure is a part of the process, and maintaining a strong work ethic.

Reflections on Historical Figures

Scott expresses his admiration for Abraham Lincoln, particularly his transformation from being sarcastic and critical to becoming a compassionate leader. He is interested in understanding Lincoln's turning point and how he can replicate that in his own life to become a better person.


In this insightful podcast, Scott Melamed, the president and COO of Pro MD Health, shares his journey from being a firefighter to a research scientist, and then transitioning into business. He attributes his motivation to the respect he has for the people who have helped him along his path, emphasizing the importance of mentorship. Scott's unique approach to sales and leadership involves open and adaptive planning, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation within his team.

He also underscores the value of reading and continuous learning, advocating for adaptability, understanding failure, and maintaining a strong work ethic as key to success. Drawing inspiration from historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Scott reflects on the importance of personal transformation and learning from both successes and failures. His experiences and insights provide valuable lessons for anyone navigating their career and personal growth.

Questions & Answers

Who is Scott Melamed and what is his background?

What motivates Scott Melamed in his career and life?

What is Scott Melamed's approach to sales and leadership?

What is the best sales advice Scott Melamed has received?

What career advice does Scott Melamed give to his future children?

What historical figure does Scott Melamed admire and why?

What was Scott Melamed's most groundbreaking deal?

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