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Building a Strong Company by John McGrath

Mr. McGrath, Chief Executive Officer of the firm, has over 20 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry and has held senior positions in large national and international engineering and consulting firms.

For the past 20 years, Mr. McGrath has been involved with the acquisition, development, and construction of wireless communications facilities and networks. He has managed the design and construction of hundreds of wireless communications sites in the Mid-Atlantic region and thousands throughout the United States. Mr. McGrath is familiar with building codes, zoning regulations, and construction materials and methods.

Building a Strong Company

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Vision for the Future

The podcast begins with a discussion about the future of the company. The emphasis is on striving for excellence rather than perfection. The company's growth is centered around hiring and supporting the right people, rewarding them with promotions and other incentives, and creating a workplace where employees feel accomplished. The company's role in contributing to the world, such as enabling immediate phone calls during emergencies, is also highlighted.

Building a Strong Company

The conversation shifts to the challenges of building and maintaining the company's culture. The industry's fast-paced nature requires a drive to serve customers and be the best. The company's focus is on hiring and developing people with innate abilities, promoting from within, and fostering development. As the company grows from 60 to 340 employees across 17 offices in seven states, keeping the culture intact becomes a daily challenge. Effective communication and finding a balance between different communication preferences are key to success.

Connecting with Employees

The importance of connecting with employees is emphasized. Spending time with key people, even just to check in on their day, builds comfort and trust. For new CEOs, making connections, spending time with key people, and setting clear expectations are essential for building a great company.

Growth and Acquisition

The podcast touches on the company's growth strategy and recent acquisition in 2018, although specific details about the acquisition are not provided in the excerpt.


The podcast concludes with expressions of gratitude and a call to action for listeners to leave a rating on iTunes. There is also a promotion for a free mind training course on the No Limits Selling website.

Questions & Answers

What is the vision for a great company according to John McGrath’s podcast?

How can a company build and maintain a positive culture?

What is the importance of connecting with employees?

How does John McGrath’s podcast approach the balance between transparency and communication within a company?

What strategies does John McGrath’s podcast suggest for new CEOs building a great company?

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Building a Strong Company, John McGrath

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