Ryan O‘Neill - Build A Team That Does Over 1700+ Transactions/Yr

Ryan O'Neill shares how he built a team that will do over $439M in real estate in 2018. Ryan knows his success is a result of building a great brand, a solid reputation, and a ton of goodwill with all of his agents and client base.

The youngest of five O’Neill siblings, Ryan grew up in New Prague, Minnesota and went on to graduate from the University of Notre Dame in 1997. As the founder and leader of The Minnesota Real Estate Team, Ryan began his real estate career in 2003 with an emphasis on investment property.

Over the years, Ryan is honored to have worked with so many outstanding clients from around the entire Twin Cities area in all types of real estate transactions. And currently, as the Broker and Sales Manager for the team, Ryan enjoys working with team members to ensure each and every client has a positive and successful experience when working with The Minnesota Real Estate Team.

Ryan is also half of the piano playing duo, “The O’Neill Brothers.” Ryan, his wife Kathy, and dog Pokey live in the Bloomington area.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Success is following your heart and what motivates you
  • Success in real estate is less about selling and more about adding value
  • Great leaders are open to hear other voices
Build A Team

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O'Neill shared his insights on the importance of emotional intelligence, the power of storytelling, and the role of technology in modern business. 

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

O'Neill emphasized the importance of emotional intelligence in business. He believes that understanding and managing one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, is a critical skill in the modern business world.

O'Neill suggests that emotional intelligence is not just about being aware of your emotions, but also about being able to use them to your advantage. He argues that a high level of emotional intelligence can help business leaders make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and ultimately drive success.

Storytelling as a Business Tool

Another key point in the conversation was the power of storytelling. O'Neill shared his belief that storytelling is an essential tool for businesses. He explained that stories can help to humanize a brand, create emotional connections with customers, and differentiate a business from its competitors.

O'Neill argued that the most successful businesses are those that can tell compelling stories about their products, their values, and their vision for the future.

The Role of Technology in Business

O'Neill also discussed the role of technology in modern business. He highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to streamline operations, improve customer experiences, and drive growth.

Build A Team That Does Over 1700+ Transactions/Yr

O'Neill's insights into the business world, particularly in the context of his own experiences with Curate, emphasize the importance of creating a team that is not only cohesive but also highly efficient. Achieving over 1700+ transactions a year is no small feat; it requires a combination of strategic planning, technological support, and a shared vision. 


In conclusion, Ryan O'Neill's insights offer a fresh perspective on the art of selling. His emphasis on emotional intelligence, storytelling, and technology underscore the need for businesses to adapt and evolve in the face of a rapidly changing business landscape.

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