December 23

Umar Hameed


So let’s talk about Your Brain! If you want to be a better leader, a better salesperson, a better marketer, you have to understand that when you communicate with other people, you need to communicate with their brain. To communicate with their brain, you need to have a deeper understanding of the content of the brain and ways to influence it.



In this series, I’ll be sharing more information about the human brain. First thing you need to know is that the brain is only 3 lbs in weight. And believe it or not, it is about 60% fat. So if somebody calls you a ‘fat head’,…. I think that’s a compliment! Or that’s the way I’m taking it at least! So in this 3 lbs we have a hundred billion neurons in there and each neuron has anywhere from a thousand to ten thousand synapses so there’s lots of activity happening there. In fact, to make all that activity happen, we have a hundred thousand miles of blood vessels to feed the brain. 20% of the oxygen your body uses goes to feed the brain. And the brain generates 23W of electrical power; enough to power a light bulb!
So the brain is where al the action happens. As a marketer, as a leader and as a salesperson you need to figure out how to communicate with the brain. You need to understand the brain actually isn’t one brain, it’s three brains! The first part of the brain on top of the spinal cord is called the reptile brain. This part of the brain keeps you alive and safe. The second part is the limbic system. This is where we have emotions and we have the gut feeling stuff going on. The top part of the brain is the neo-cortex. This is where we have language, strategy, higher level thinking. Only one part of that brain makes final decisions, mind decisions and leadership decisions.
In the remainder of the series, which part of the brain you need to focus your attention and how do you get people to let go of their old way of thinking and embrace new ways of thinking allowing you to lead them in a much better direction.

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