December 23

Umar Hameed


If you want to be a master communicator, you need to understand that people fall into four categories. The first group of people is the Why people. These people want to know, why is it important for me to pay attention to you. So you need to figure out whatthe big ‘WHY’ is! If you can make that compelling enough, you’ll get their attention and they will follow you throughout the entire presentation.


Then you have the third group. They’re the How people. They feel that they don’t want to know about the Why or the What, they want to know how they can get their hands on it and play with it. They want to get down to it, get their hands dirty and find solutions and answers through that experiential learning. They want to do it themselves. If you can do that, people would listen to the entire presentation, as it is highly engaging for them.

Now you have the freakish, last group of people. They’re the What If people. “Well, yes this works pretty well here, but would it work on the moon where there’s less gravity?” or “What happens if there’s a supermodel doing this? Would she get the same experience?”

So, you’ve got the Why people, that need to know why is it important for them to listen to you. You have the What people that need to know the most important thing for them. You’ve got the How people saying, “Hey, shut up! Let me play with it. I want to get te experience of it.” And then you’ve got the last group of people, the What Ifs. “Well what if you’re working with this process underwater in a submarine, would it work just as well?” And everybody in the audience would probably think, “What? Why are you asking that?” Well they’re asking that, because they’re the What If people.

So, as you’re connecting with people, try and figure out are they the Why people, the Whats, the Hows or the What Ifs. If you can figure that out, you can connect with them at that frequency, at the same wavelength, and when you do that you get people that want to follow you that want to listen to you. It makes you a better leader, a better salesperson and a way better marketer.

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