Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s only 24 hours in a day! And interestingly some people, in those 24 hours, get a lot accomplished. More importantly, they get the right stuff accomplished. Then there are others that struggle with that. So the question boils down to, why do they struggle with that? There are two reasons: 1) they don’t have the skills to be more effective. If they just had some training, they would do dramatically better. 2) They lack the right mindset. Some internal block is stopping them from achieving great results.



So let’s tackle the first one first.

(a) Here’s a simple technique you can use to be highly effective. And one of my mentors showed it to me many years ago. Just take a 3” x 5” card and put it near your work station and it would have three questions on it. You can filter any task you’re about to do through these questions and it would help you decide whether or not you should do it. The first question is, is this task going to make you/your company money? And if the answer is no, perhaps you shouldn’t do it. The second question is, is this task going to help strengthen the relationship between you and your customers? And if the answer is no, perhaps you shouldn’t do it because a strong tie with the customers eventually leads to money which makes both, you and your boss happy. The third question is, more of a directive. If it isn’t one of the two, then you need to figure out whether to delegate it or you need to kill it. With these filters in play, you just become highly productive because you will then be doing things that actually make you and your company money as opposed to doing busy work that gets you nowhere.

(b) The second area where people struggle is the mind-set and the heart-set. A lot of times people are stuck and they don’t know why. They’re trying really hard but they’re not getting the results that they want. There are usually three reasons for this. One of the three is that they have a limiting set of beliefs that stops them from taking the right actions that they need to take. And if that is what’s happening, you need to reach out to someone like me that can help you breakthrough those barriers very quickly. The second area where people get stuck is their inner conflict, where a part of them wants to execute at a high level and the other part is mocking you and saying “well, who are you to be doing this amazing thing?! If only you had a better education or taller, sexier, brighter…” whatever the struggle that is within, sabotages your results. The third area is we have these hotwired processes that when you go to do the tasks, some people think, “oh, I better organize myself first!” They get distracted. That’s an internal strategy that stops them from executing the things that they need to execute.


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