Hello everyone, this is step 5 to the 7 Steps to build a Highly Effective Sales Presentation
Step 5 is all about stories because stores convey emotions. It turns out that when they put two people in a FMRI they can see what parts of their brains light up. When someone is telling a story, certain parts of their brain light up as they’re telling the story – which makes sense! But what’s amazing is that the person listening to the story, the same parts of their brain light up as well, as they absorb the story. So you have the ability to change the brain chemistry of the person you’re talking with by the use of stories. Stories convey emotions.

So one of the things I mentioned in an earlier part of the presentation is that you should have 3 points that you’re trying to make. If you tell a story around point 1, people remember it. Another story around point 2 and another one around point 3, people may get the data but they never forget stories because we’re hotwired to remember stories.
So stories are meaningful and powerful. Use stories to make the points you have to make in your presentation and that is the best way to alter the brain chemistry of the person you are trying to sell to and to get them to see what you are offering them in a totally different light.

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