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This is step 4 to the 7 Steps to Building a Highly Effective Sales Presentation.

Basically, it’s the power of 3. When we’re communicating with people, we have tons of data and lots of things we want to say and do. We want to tell them everything that we do and when we do those they we’re sure they’ll like one of those things, but actually it turns out that they’re NOT going to like one of those things, they’ll forget about everything because there’s too much data.

We need to figure out the 3 most important things we need to share with them. So in that research we did for the company we have a really good idea of what those 3 things should be for that particular customer.

Your company could be offering ten different services or ten different attributes of a particular service and when you know their exact need, you can pick the top three that would be the most compelling. That way, when you open up the presentation, you’re grabbing their attention; you might weave in one of those points there. Then you ask, “Why me?” It’s because you’re an expert at solving those things. The third one is, “Why you?” Then come the hypothesis of needs and then we make these 3 points. Making those 3 points and reemphasizing them throughout the presentation especially at the beginning and at the end because Neuroscience tells us that the human mind pays attention to what you said at the opening of your presentation and a lot of attention toward the end – this is all that it remembers a week later. What about all the stuff in the middle? Bye bye – it’s gone!

So if you want to make an impression that lasts, pick the top 3 things that you want to talk about that are relevant to the customer and make them the points during your presentation. That’s how you make presentations that win.

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