October 25

Umar Hameed


I was visiting a client who told me that about 8 years ago his business was in one of those do or die situations. The only solution was to get more sales. The problem was that he’s a really shy guy and he had to overcome it.




So this is the innovative solution that he picked: he would go to the shopping mall every morning and he would not leave until he met a hundred people. And after a week of meeting about 500 complete strangers and saying, “Hey, My name is this this…” and striking up a conversation, it allowed him to meet anybody anywhere to talk about his business or anything he wanted.


And that was a game changer for him. So sometimes when you have a problem, there is a simple solution somewhere. All you need to do it see the clarity of it and see the tenacity to see it through.

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Umar Hameed


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