October 25

Umar Hameed


In corporations and for individuals, we set goals and we create plans to get there. From those plans we get to do those.

Several years ago I was leading this management team on transformation and I had made a statement to the group and one of the people, that was a Brit, said, “I violently agree with that!” And I thought to myself, wow what a strange choice of words; ‘violently agree’. It got me into thinking that it’s all about the attitude and the way he is going to tackle that idea. You can agree with it, you can try to execute it, but if you ‘violently’ agree that means you are whole-heartedly, fearlessly, totally committing to that idea.

If you think about it that’s also the difference between success and failure. When we have a goal, we make plans accordingly. Some people go after that to-do list and check it off as they get done and others violently attack it like a BAM! It shows a tremendous amount of commitment and I strongly feel that it is that X- factor that determines highly successful people and people that are just going through the motions.

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