I came across an article that was talking about the most powerful word in any language. Now with the advent of the FMRI, you can actually see what goes on inside someone’s brain. So they put subjects in an FMRI machine and they say the word, “NO”. As they say that all kinds of areas light up in their heads instantly and release all sorts of negative toxins in their bodies.

So, ‘NO’ is something we are hotwired not to receive well. It also has a physical impact upon us. Like when you’re in sales or generally just in the journey of life itself, we need to have special tools that allow us to change the meaning of ‘NO’.

No means no, but we don’t have to always react to it. This is exactly what I like about the work that I do, that we can show people how to rewire the way they respond to stimuli; be it a situation or be it simply a word like, ‘NO’!

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Umar Hameed


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