October 17

Umar Hameed


Hi everyone, I’m just about to go into a client meeting and I thought I would share an idea with you.

I was thinking about how to define a strong management team. One of the attributes is that everyone on the team needs to know what the goal is and this is what we’re going after. Number two is that we have to have an ego-free zone. It means an environment where it’s not about me, it’s not about my department, it’s not even about me looking good to the CEO. It’s about how we get this job done and how I can commit myself to that.

So when you have a team like that there’s no politics, there are no silos and it’s all about getting stuff done. Then, I believe, each team member has to have the courage when another department is going down the wrong path, for us to tell them, “Hey, Ithink you’re going down the wrong path.”

When we have that conversation with them, they need to have the strength to hear that and not take it personally so that we can have that conversation about what we think might be a problem. Sometimes it turns out that I’m wrong and that they’re doing this task in a certain way because that’s what the federal regulations require and that thing that could have been a landmine just disappears.

Other times I’m right and there is a problem. And when I share that and the other person is actually hearing what I’m saying,we have put a discussion about what the problem is and if we can solve it, we go ahead and solve it but if we can’t solve it,the next time we have a leadership meeting, we bring this issue up to that meeting and get the best and brightest people in the company to solve that problem and then finally it’s a commitment to each other to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

So my definition of a strong team is that you need to have a clear goal, you need to have the strength, the courage and the tenacity. You need to have an ego free zone. Once we have all those things I am definite you would get a high performance team.

So the question to you is ‘How would you define a strong management team?’

Looking forward for your input.

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