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Step two of building a highly effective sales presentation.

In step one, you grab their attention. In step two, you have to ask the question, Why me? Why should you listen to me?

So rather than telling them my qualifications which might be useful – might not, what I do is look at the audience, what is their issue and what are their concerns, my best guess? What’s my hypothesis of their needs? Once I have a good hypothesis of their needs, then I can actually position myself to be an expert to solve that problem.

For example, if I’m talking to a VP of sales, one of the things that they’re looking to do is they have some rock stars – people that are doing a phenomenal job, and they have a lot of people that are doing a good job but could be doing a great job. So if they could get more of those people that are doing a good job to do a great job I would have a meaningful impact on the organization, and probably their paycheck.

So knowing this I would go in and say, “Hey, I’m an expert at changing human behavior and I help sales people change their behavior, quickly, consistently and permanently. And I use a branch of psychology called Neuro-Linguistic Program.

What this means is that we can take your B sales players, turn them into A-players using this technology. Now with that if they are interested in sales and I’m saying I’ve got a new solution, a better mousetrap, that’s going o help convert their people that are good to being great. That’s a ‘Why Me’ that’s relevant to them.

If I told them about my education in my high school, university and all those general areas where I worked for this company if it’s not relevant to them, they don’t care. It would not only waste time, it would create disconnect.

So the steps to this are: doing some research on the customer, getting your best hypothesis of their needs and from that, tell them how you can solve their problem and you’ve got their attention and you keep it going to the next step!

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