A Realtor’s mindset (issues) determines the level of success they achieve. Real estate training teaches realtors the skills they need to be successful. Team leaders and brokers show realtors the ropes and motivate realtors to take action. Realtor issues are a result of whats going on inside the realtor’s mind.

To be really successful a realtor has to have a success mindset so they execute their skills with drive, passion, and commitment.

Here are 18 Realtor Issues that sabotage their efforts

  1. Don’t know their own value so they discount their commission or give up too easily
  2. Must know everything before they take action so not enough gets done
  3. Low confidence so clients don’t usually sign up with them
  4. Fear of rejection keeps them from taking bolder action
  5. Unrealistic expectations lead to failure and giving up
  6. Won’t prospect so they never earn enough
  7. Won’t follow up – I don’t want to be an annoying salesperson so they lose clients
  8. Low resilience – give up too easily
  9. Waiting for their phone to ring so sales pipeline is always weak
  10. Can’t get out of their comfort zone so they never achieve success at the level they want.
  11. I don’t want to sell you because you’ll think I am sleazy
  12. Won’t do hard work so they remain mediocre
  13. Won’t fully commit so complacency sets in
  14. Don’t believe in myself so I won’t go to the matt to get it done
  15. They lie to themselves so they ignore their limitations
  16. Hide in learning so they never take the needed action to be successful
  17. Poor relationship with money  stop them from earning what they desire
  18. Blame others for my failures, “it’s not my fault!”

If you have any additional realtor issues that we can add to the list please email them to me.

About the author 

Umar Hameed


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