How To Unlock Potential in The Real Estate Industry With Chris Costabile

On Episode 320 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Chris Costabile. Chris is an award-winning, top-producing real estate professional with a decade of experience in the industry. Known for his charisma, unwavering commitment to client success, and dynamic approach to problem-solving, Chris has completed more than 500 transactions to date and achieved more than $500M in sales. He serves as a managing partner of The Agency Brantford alongside his wife, Courtney Costabile.A highly respected agent with a sterling reputation, Chris’ extensive accolades reflect his tireless work ethic. Among his many designations, Chris has been named to the Top 100 Agents in Canada by Rate My Agent and Best Real Estate Agent two years running by Community Votes. He has also been awarded Centurion Winner with Century21 multiple times, achieved Top 1% BRREA from 2019 to 2022, and been named a RE/MAX Triple Platinum winner. Top Agent Magazine has also included Chris on its Top 30 Under 30 and Top 35 Under 35 lists and recently profiled Chris for a 2021 cover story. Chris has also been named Readers Choice Diamond winner by Sachem News for several years running (2017-2022).Raised in Haldimand and having lived in Brantford, Norfolk and now Langton, Chris is deeply familiar with the region’s real estate market and readily collaborates with fellow agents to provide his clients with the best guidance and most up-to-date information when it comes to buying, selling and investing.Known for balancing genuine compassion with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, Chris is a stellar asset to clients with all kinds of real estate goals—from first-time buyers to seasoned investors and beyond. Plus, Chris’ natural talent for anticipating future market trends ensures that each purchase his clients make works for their current and future goals.Chris is also active in the philanthropy space. In addition to organizing and hosting a memorial golf tournament in honor of a late friend, Chris regularly donates to The Breast Cancer Society, Brantford’s Nova Vita women’s shelter and The Why Not Youth Centre. He also sponsors several local children’s sports teams each year. “I am passionate about giving back to my community especially when it comes to our youth,” says Chris. “I involve my children in as many charity events as possible—it’s so vital to instill humility and gratitude from a young age. I’ve also lost many friends to accidents and illness, so building relationships and making sure people know they are loved and cared for is of the utmost importance to me.”

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The podcast begins with the host, Umar Hameed, introducing Chris Costabile, a realtor and leader in the real estate industry. Chris has been in real estate for 10 years, having started in 2013. He shares his journey through the cycles of feast and famine in the industry, emphasizing the importance of resilience and adaptability.

Leadership and Team Management

Chris discusses his role as a managing partner at his agency, where he works alongside his wife and business partners, Kathy and Steve Bailey. He explains the differences between managing a team and running a brokerage. In a team, the focus is on ensuring everyone is fed and contributing, while in a brokerage, the role involves offering coaching advice and helping agents without the pressure of ensuring everyone is fed daily. Chris emphasizes the importance of good leadership in both roles, sharing secrets, tips, and tricks to help agents succeed.

Success in Real Estate

Chris shares his belief that real estate is a relationship business. Success comes from building strong relationships with clients and maintaining a positive attitude. He mentions the thrill of getting a deal accepted and the excitement of each day being different as factors that keep him motivated in his career.

Importance of Routine

Chris highlights the importance of having a routine to start the day well. He shares his personal efforts to disconnect from social media and the phone in the morning, focusing on his routine before getting started in the business. He believes that a good routine helps prevent scatterbrain and forgetfulness.

Gratitude and Joy

Chris expresses his gratitude for his career, family, and clients. He mentions his big, blended family of five kids and his wife, who is also a managing partner at the agency. He finds joy in the thrill of closing a deal and the excitement of each day being different in the real estate industry.


In conclusion, the podcast with Chris Costabile provides valuable insights into the real estate industry, leadership, and the importance of maintaining a daily routine. Chris, a seasoned realtor and leader, shares his experiences and strategies for success in the industry, emphasizing the significance of building strong relationships, staying resilient through market cycles, and maintaining a daily routine for personal and professional effectiveness. He also highlights the joy he derives from closing deals and the thrill of each day being different. His gratitude for his family, clients, and career shines through, painting a picture of a fulfilling life that balances work, family, and personal growth. The podcast serves as a resource for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of the real estate industry, leadership roles within it, and the personal habits that contribute to success.

Questions & Answers

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What are some key takeaways from the podcast with Chris Costabile?

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