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Joe Cerra is the founder of Evergreen Ventures Corporation www.salesassociate.com. After serving in the US Navy, he received an M.B.A. in Operations Management and was hired as a sales trainee by IBM. He has been in sales and sales management in the computer software and hardware industry ever since.

In 1987 he published The Sales Associate, a book about how to use a personal computer in sales, one of the first books ever published about computerized contact management and sales automation. In 2012 he released a second book called Make More Sales And Make More Money a Kindle book available from Amazon. You can order the book here:


He is currently the National Sales Manager at STI Computer Services, Inc., a medical software development and Revenue Cycle Management company in Eagleville, PA. He has over 30 years of sales experience in data processing sales and has worked for both large and small sales organizations in the computer industry. Joe can be contacted by email at evcorp@salesassoc.com.


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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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The Power of Lead Generation

The podcast, featuring Joe Cerra, delves into the importance of lead generation in sales. Cerra emphasizes that the key to successful sales is not necessarily the number of sales made, but the number of leads generated. This is because a steady stream of leads is the hardest part for a salesperson to maintain. The batting average of a salesperson, or their ability to close a deal, is less significant than their ability to generate leads.

The Challenge of Lead Generation

However, generating leads is not always straightforward. It's impossible to guarantee a consistent number of interested people for a particular sales territory at any given time. This results in ups and downs in sales based on lead generation. If a solution to this could be found, it would likely lead to significant wealth.

The Role of Marketing in Lead Generation

In smaller companies like Cerra's, the sales department also serves as the marketing department. They conduct marketing campaigns every three to six months, offering promotions, new products, or discounts to physicians in the area. This keeps their offerings fresh for prospective customers. However, when a campaign starts to get stale and lead generation begins to drop, it's time to introduce a new campaign.

The Use of Independent Sales Reps

One strategy discussed in the podcast is the use of independent sales reps to generate leads. These reps already have relationships with potential customers and can introduce the company's products to them. This strategy is particularly effective in the medical industry, where many different industries are selling to the same community. Independent sales reps can sell more than one product, which is a significant advantage.

The Role of Technology in Lead Generation

Over the years, technology has played an increasingly important role in lead generation. In the past, direct mail was a common method of reaching potential customers. However, with rising postage rates, this method has become less viable. Nowadays, companies like Cerra's use a two-pronged approach involving email blasts and Google AdWords. They also maintain a large list of physician practices for follow-up through telemarketing.

Managing Sales Teams

Managing a sales team is likened to managing a baseball team, where different players have different batting averages. The effectiveness of salespeople is monitored by watching how their sales come in and how many leads they generate.

Overcoming Sales Slumps

Sales reps occasionally fall into slumps, which can be due to personal problems or mindset issues. To get them back on track, it's important to educate them about the value of the product they're selling. This involves creating an educational program for the sales reps, similar to educating the customer.

In conclusion, the podcast provides valuable insights into the world of sales, emphasizing the importance of lead generation, the role of marketing, and the use of technology and independent sales reps in reaching potential customers. It also offers practical advice on managing sales teams and overcoming sales slumps.

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