How to Master the Art of 'Smarketing' in 4 Steps

On Episode 159 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Kyle Jepson, Principal Marketing Evangelist. Kyle teaches free online courses at HubSpot Academy. He has created certification courses on inbound sales, sales enablement, sales management, and HubSpot’s sales software. His videos have garnered a combined 2.2 million views in the past 12 months alone. He is a husband, father, and aspiring paperback novelist. In this episode, Kyle shares with us how to master the art of smarketing in 4 steps.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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The podcast begins with an introduction of Kyle Jepson, a HubSpot Academy Professor. He is responsible for creating and delivering education on HubSpot's sales software. The host, Umar Hameed, welcomes Kyle and they discuss the shift to remote work due to the pandemic.

Sales in the Digital Age

Kyle discusses the ongoing digital transformation in sales. He mentions that while many companies have been resistant to this change, citing industry-specific reasons, the pandemic has forced everyone to adapt. The use of digital tools like email and video conferencing has skyrocketed, and companies are learning to operate in this new environment.

The Importance of Preparation and Confidence

Kyle shares a personal anecdote about a time when he was nervous before a job interview. A co-worker advised him to remember a time when he had succeeded, which helped him to feel more confident. He suggests that salespeople could benefit from a similar strategy, keeping a record of positive feedback and successful interactions to boost their confidence before sales calls.

The Role of Empathy in Sales

Kyle emphasizes the importance of empathy in sales. He suggests that salespeople should research their prospects and understand their needs before engaging with them. This approach, he believes, can lead to more successful sales interactions.

The Art of Smarketing

The podcast also touches on the art of smarketing, a combination of sales and marketing. Kyle discusses how sales and marketing teams can work together to achieve common goals, and how technology, including CRM systems and sales software, can facilitate this collaboration.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

Kyle stresses the importance of continuous learning and development in sales. He believes that salespeople should always be looking to improve their skills and adapt to new trends and technologies.


In the podcast, Kyle Jepson, a HubSpot Academy Professor, discusses the evolving landscape of sales in the digital age. He emphasizes the importance of preparation, confidence, and empathy in sales interactions, suggesting that salespeople should thoroughly research their prospects and recall past successes to boost their confidence. He also introduces the art of smarketing, a synergy of sales and marketing, and highlights the role of technology in facilitating this collaboration. 

The podcast underscores the necessity for continuous learning and adaptation in sales, particularly in response to the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic. In conclusion, the podcast presents a comprehensive view of modern sales strategies, the art of smarketing, empathy, preparation, technological adaptation, and continuous learning as key components for success in the digital sales environment.

Questions & Answers

Who is Kyle Jepson and what does he do?

What is the impact of the pandemic on sales?

How can salespeople boost their confidence before sales calls?

What is 'Smarketing' and how does it impact sales?

How can continuous learning benefit salespeople?

What are the key takeaways from the Kyle Jepson podcast?

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Umar Hameed

Umar Hameed is an expert in changing individual behavior and improving team dynamics. He uses techniques and tools from the world of Applied Neuroscience and NLP to make individuals and organizations more successful. His business savvy and neuroscience combination gives him the unique ability to help salespeople become exceptional. Umar is an international keynote speaker who has done presentations in 16 countries. βœ…βœ…βœ…He is the author of three books; the latest is Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!


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