October 4

Joanne Pullin Discusses How Authenticity Helps You Close Better Deals


Born and raised in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Joanne moved to Nova Scotia in her twenties after pursing her education in community development.

After starting and operating her own local businesses for decades, she pursued a new education in real estate. Since starting her career as a real estate agent, she has achieved many successes from ranking in the top 20% of Halifax realtors, receiving outstanding reviews, and meeting new friends and colleagues along the way.

Joanne is known for her personable attitude and dedication. With her years of experience between contracting, business management, and being a Nova Scotian herself, you are sure to receive outstanding service whether you are looking to buy or list!

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Umar Hameed 0:40
Hello, everyone to another episode of The No Limits Selling Podcast. Today we have Joanne Pullin with us today. She's a realtor in Nova Scotia.

Joanne Pullin 0:49
That's right.

Umar Hameed 0:50
Is that a real place? Yes, it's a real place.

Joanne Pullin 0:52
Nova Scotia, yeah. It's a real hot place these days.

Umar Hameed 0:57
One of the shameful things I have to admit to everyone today is, A, I'm a Canadian, not the shameful part, that have not been passed Quebec. So I really need to go to Eastern Canada and come see the beauty there. It's a

Joanne Pullin 1:10

Umar Hameed 1:10
Bad Umar.

Joanne Pullin 1:11
Yes. The Atlantic provinces they're beautiful and they've become way popular since COVID.

Umar Hameed 1:17
I bet. Well, it's been interesting with COVID Just getting people to kind of recalibrate their lives before COVID. Especially in the States, what people would say is what's the most important thing. "It was like my family, my job, my friends," which was a lie, it was work was most important. And then family and friends and what COVID ended up doing was putting family first which was like pretty amazing.

Joanne Pullin 1:40
And their lifestyle. Like I'd speak to so many people who have said, like I got clients from Victoria living in [Garbled] City, young people in their 30s with two kids, they want to buy a farm here in Nova Scotia and live a quiet life away from a city. Yeah.

Umar Hameed 1:59
Is there Anne of Green Gables from there somewhere?

Joanne Pullin 2:02
PEI, yeah. Prince Edward Island.

Umar Hameed 2:04

Joanne Pullin 2:05
Yeah, yeah.

Umar Hameed 2:06
Brilliant. People don't know how awesome Canadians are. We got all kinds of stuff happening here.

Joanne Pullin 2:10
Yeah. How about zoning two and a half hours in PEI too. So yeah.

Umar Hameed 2:15
So you've only been in real estate for a little while. How long have you been a realtor?

Joanne Pullin 2:20
But a year and a half?

Umar Hameed 2:23
And what did you do before real estate?

Joanne Pullin 2:25
Whoa, did a few things. So my first career was managing homes or special care. So I managed five locations. I did a lot of property management there. And, of course, staffing and counseling, all those types of things. So did that for 23 years.

Umar Hameed 2:43

Joanne Pullin 2:44
Yeah. Longtime, longtime government paper job. And then alongside that, I started breeding dogs. And then I opened a dog daycare and boarding business back in 2005. And then in 2011, I took the leap and gave up the government job and that's all I did for a while. And then in 2018 on became a publisher and I launched three community magazines here in the Halifax area. One right now [garbled], Bedford in, in Fall River. That was my [garbled]

Umar Hameed 3:17
Are they still active in the life?

Joanne Pullin 3:18
Yes, yeah, they're still active so .

Umar Hameed 3:20

Joanne Pullin 3:21
Yeah. I did that alongside real estate too. But with my real estate being so busy, I gave up the magazines just this past January. So yeah.

Umar Hameed 3:30
So what's the first year and change like in real estate? How many transactions?

Joanne Pullin 3:34
I've done over 40 transactions over 12 million in property sales at this point.

Umar Hameed 3:42
High five.

Joanne Pullin 3:43
Thanks. Yeah, it's been a great experience for me, I think. I've been connected to a number of people who supported me with the change, which made my life really easy and enjoyable. I wish I had picked this career many years ago, but someone's wise person said to me, "Years ago, you're not the person you are now nor did you have the connections you have now. So it was probably the exact right time for you to do it." And I love it. I'm having a great time doing it.

Umar Hameed 4:15
Brilliant. What was an idea you had about what real estate was going to be like that turned out not to be true? And that was a pleasant surprise that something you didn't expect that came up?

Joanne Pullin 4:25
Okay. One I thought, you're gonna have to be dressed up a fair bit and that it was gonna be you know, in and out. But you go into a lot of stinky basements with spider webs and mold and you don't want to be dressed up for those types of experiences. No, you go to firms with cattle and horses and muds and you need your rubber boots and and I love all that. And people don't want to be that stuffy real estate agent with a high-heeled shoes that people are in their pictures like that's not being a real estate agent.

Umar Hameed 5:02
Especially in the farming community.

Joanne Pullin 5:04
Yeah, right. Like, you can't do that. You need to be dressed for the appropriateness of where you're going. So I always have rubber boots in my truck, and I have a four-wheel drive and you know, so I can go anywhere.

Umar Hameed 5:18
Brilliant. And so what was something unexpected that you didn't expect that was a joy to behold, when you came into real estate?

Joanne Pullin 5:24
And people want to know who I am. That people want me to be me. And so I'm just who I am. You know, I'm good old [garbled] girl selling real estate.

Umar Hameed 5:27
Nice. To help me articulate this, I'm gonna, I'm gonna say something, and I want you to comment on it, and maybe get me to articulate it better.

Joanne Pullin 5:41

Umar Hameed 5:42
So there is an authentic version of everyone. And most people don't know who they really truly are. But once they discover it, and they end up becoming who they are without pretending to be fancier or whatever, that there is a power there, and there's a connection there. And that's the essence of the journey to be human is, discover yourself. And when you discover yourself, you discover something amazing, a different kind of connection with other human beings because it's more authentic and more real, as opposed to the image I'm portraying, when people connected that, by definition is inauthentic. Am I speaking crazy? Or the truth? Or what?

Joanne Pullin 6:20
No, it's true. People want to know, like, you can't pretend to be somebody you're not, people don't want that person. And they can tell if you're pretending, right? Like, he gotta be you. And no matter what you do, and you got to be real. And in my profession, I got my best interests my client for at all times, otherwise, I'm not doing my job. It's not what I want, it's what they want.

Umar Hameed 6:44

Joanne Pullin 6:44
And I need to get to know them. And they're not going to want to know me if I'm trying to be this fake, you know. I'm just me, I'm honest, you know, I have my shortcomings. And I'm, I'm not very good at enunciation, you know, I'm not. And I hate it when I hack somebody's name. So the first thing I'll say is, "Help me pronounce your name, you know, I can't do it right. So, but I'm honest about it.

Umar Hameed 7:09
You know, there's a power there. And the reality is, if you pretended to be fancier than you were, that you'd have a really good real estate career. But when you're authentic, all the stress and the bullshit goes away, and you end up doing better anyway, and people like you more and connect with you more and refer you more. So you've got a choice, dear listeners and viewers, you can pretend to be the person you want to be, or you can embrace the person you are. Because I guarantee that there's certain things that you see about yourself, Joanne that are lies. And by those I mean that you probably see yourself in certain areas more negatively than your friends would go. They would go, "We're you crazy? That's not you, you're freaking awesome." So can you share one of those things where you think you're less than and it's not true?

Joanne Pullin 7:58
I guess we're always picking over our pitchers or...

Umar Hameed 8:01

Joanne Pullin 8:01
...whatever, like, right? Like are small and show on your team there, you know. You know, I'll say to build my pitcher, some of my pitchers, [garbled]. "Kenny, let's show some funny you are in your laughing." Yeah, I will sign his stuff like that, right? It's true. We are so critical of ourselves, right? Like, why did we do that?

Umar Hameed 8:24
And you know, what we would do? We would not tolerate that from a friend. If a friend was doing that.

Joanne Pullin 8:28

Umar Hameed 8:28
"Come on, John," or, "Come on, Jane. Don't do that." Like one of the best piece of advice I ever got, as I was growing up was, "Don't talk to strange women," Oh, wait a minute, that wasn't it? No, that was not it.

Joanne Pullin 8:40
You do that regularly?

Umar Hameed 8:42
I do. So the piece of advice was this, Hey, tomorrow, when someone gives you something, I've noticed that you go, "Oh, my God, you shouldn't have that's too much," they say, "Please don't do that." When someone gives you a gift, just say thank you, and let them have the joy of giving. And it was like, A, I didn't know I was doing that. And B, ever since then, you know, I've been just so grateful that someone took time to buy me a Tesla. No one's bought me a Tesla yet, but you could be the first. And I'd be so grateful. No but...

Joanne Pullin 9:13
That wouldn't be so nice.

Umar Hameed 9:15
But that says a lot about me, right? When I'm like, "Oh my God, you shouldn't have it," it's a insights into my self worth way back when when I was 18. Because I didn't think...

Joanne Pullin 9:24

Umar Hameed 9:24
...I was worthy and I didn't realize I had that low self image of myself. But when they pointed that out, I was like, "Huh," and I think kind of my goal is, you know, how do we get people to see the best version of themselves.

Joanne Pullin 9:37

Umar Hameed 9:37
Because that's the human journey is to find out who you are and embrace who you are. My biggest wish for you Joanne is I want you to fall madly deeply in love with, with you.

Joanne Pullin 9:52
I appreciate that.

Umar Hameed 9:53
So what's something you know now about being a realtor that you didn't know, you know, 14 months ago, that would have helped you back then?

Joanne Pullin 10:01
It is and, and you can be as busy as you want to be like, I've learned how at first I was just like, "Oh my God, I can't breathe. I'm just so busy. It was just crazy, crazy crazy." And then I got to the point where I learned how to control my schedule. But my main my priorities, I have time for my family and time for me. And now I've got more grasp of that so settling into that. And people who aren't busy, I'll say to this, "Pick up the phone, go knock on the door." If you're an agent, and you're not busy, you're just not opening the right doors and looking down the right hallways. Because businesses there no matter what the market's like. Like we went through a downturn, but I've been busy. And I'm still a new agent. And it's because I'm not afraid to talk to people. If I'm not busy, I get busy on the phone or I get busy at doorways. But usually then after a week of that I'm crazy busy. Like all those stuff.

Umar Hameed 11:01
Yeah. And that is the business is....

Joanne Pullin 11:03
It is the business, you've got to stay busy. And you know, if you're saying, "Oh, that I can't find a lead, or I can't do that," you're just not farming, you get a phone your world around you, right?

Umar Hameed 11:15

Joanne Pullin 11:16
[Garbled] have a conversation, right? How many times do we say, "Oh my gosh, been so long since I spoke to that person," just call him speak to them.

Umar Hameed 11:23
And the conversation isn't you know, "Hey, Joanne, how are you? I'm a realtor. Do you know anybody?"

Joanne Pullin 11:27

Umar Hameed 11:27
Not the conversation to say, "Hey, Joanne, we haven't spoken in 18 months. Tell me what's going on with you and your family?" That's it.

Joanne Pullin 11:33
Exactly. You never, I... Real estate just comes up. Everybody wants to talk about real estate anyway, right? Just how you doing? Talking about their life, like you just have a conversation. I'm in a restaurant the other night by myself. And I ended up speaking to the couple of sitting at the bar. I spoke to the couple next to me the next thing you know, real estate comes up. The fact that she was from [garbled] came up I mentioned I've been there that day. She mentioned she was in apartment got a fun place to sit. "Well, I happen to be a realtor," Oh, that went that. [garbled] the bartender, here's he wants my card, right? Go to new clients, just your conversation. And it just comes up.

Umar Hameed 12:12
And if you've got the right intent to just connect with people and just make a happier day for them. I was interviewing this woman, her name's Karen Harms, and she became Rookie of the Year. She says, "I always go out for coffee." In the lineup and coffee chitchatting with the person next to me. And it's like, "Oh, what do you do?" "I do, I work for the government doing XYZ?" "Really? That's amazing. What do you guys doing here? La...la...la...? What do you do?" "I'm a realtor" "Really?" "Were looking for a beach house in Ocean City," "I can probably help you with that." And you said I would pick up more clients than just chitchatting at the food line, then you can possibly imagine. And that's the secret. And dear listeners when you become rich and famous, the people that I know that are really great realtors that are at the top of their game,

Joanne Pullin 12:57

Umar Hameed 12:57
still pick up the phone, and they still do open houses. And because they want to help people truly deeply. And just by doing those activities, they've got a ton of referrals coming in, but they still have new blood coming in all the time.

Joanne Pullin 13:11
Exactly. And that's the way to do it. And, you know, don't forget who you are. Don't forget your people never become that person that thinks that they're way better than anybody else because you're not. Nobody is way better than anybody else. And that's being real, you know?

Umar Hameed 13:26
Absolutely. I was interviewing someone in their early years of real estate and they said, you know, "Yeah, I'd be with my manager. And we're about to go into a listing." And my manager would say, "Hey, come on, let's go make some friends." And I said, "Whoa, hold it right there." Because that is the secret formula for this business or any business. It's not, "Hey, we're gonna go with this listing," or, "Hey, we're gonna force him to do this," or, "Hey, we're going to be fantastic." No, let's go make some friends.

Joanne Pullin 13:52
Yeah, absolutely. And it is true. And the other thing for realtors, don't be offended if somebody that you've been friends with long time pick somebody else. But guess what? People we know know a ton of realtors, right? And you can't be offended by that. Maybe they didn't want to use you because they didn't want to hurt your friendship, right? Maybe that's why they chose because they didn't want to ruin such good friendships and never be offended by that. Some of the best people I know that have been my friends for years are realtors and I got such good respect for him because there's such good people, you know, I love them.

Umar Hameed 14:27

Joanne Pullin 14:27
I've never be a friend, family and friend of mine shows them over and me, never, you know, that's not what it's about.

Umar Hameed 14:33
So we're gonna go into a list of all the bad things about real estate in a minute from the realtors point of view. But I think what you said was just worth repeating. It's like, oftentimes when people don't pick us for whatever profession we happen to be in, do not be offended. And it's like, "Oh my God, I can't believe that they went somewhere. They know that I'm doing this," it's like get over yourself.

Joanne Pullin 14:56
Get over yourself.

Umar Hameed 14:56
Probably got a million reasons and one of them could be they don't want to, you know ruin the friendship. The other one could be, you know, they're embarrassed about their finances or whatever. Or they...

Joanne Pullin 15:05
Right. It's too personal for me

Umar Hameed 15:07
Yeah. And it's like, Just be happy with them. And if you can help them out, help them out.

Joanne Pullin 15:12

Umar Hameed 15:13
Because the world is too small for that, like you could choose to be like, you and I are having a beautiful conversation. And during this conversation, you could actually make fun of my accent or whatever. And I could choose to focus on that one moment of you making fun of me, or the 30 minutes of just one human connecting to another. And if I told that story to people, it's like, that would be dumb. But we do it all the time when you know, a friend picks somebody else, or they use a tone of voice, "Can you believe what Joanne did?" It's like...

Joanne Pullin 15:48
Right. Now, it's so true. Like, you know, like, people get offended so easily just stop it. Get over it. You know, you don't you're not inside that person said at the time. Yeah, not a big deal.

Umar Hameed 16:00
So one thing I'm going to tell you, this is an absolute true statement. I don't make any of them so write this down, everyone.

Joanne Pullin 16:06
Oh, my God, it's a true statement.

Umar Hameed 16:08
It can happen. Everybody makes the best decision they can in the moment they make it, no matter how tragic it is, or how amazing it is. Like nobody says, you know, "Hey, I'm gonna lose my job today," or, "I'm going to make a bad investment today," or, "I'm going to be mean to Joanne today, because I want to hurt her feelings." At that moment, whatever was going on, they made the best decision they could.

Joanne Pullin 16:08

Umar Hameed 16:11
And we just need to cut people some slack. And more importantly, cut ourselves some slack. Because God knows I'm sure you've done some dumb things. Joanne, I know I have.

Joanne Pullin 16:43
Oh, yeah, right.

Umar Hameed 16:45
And so...

Joanne Pullin 16:47
[Garbled] with that person today. Why did I do that? Yeah.

Umar Hameed 16:51
So I've got this new app coming out. It's called mindset boosters. Not that I'm plugging it but I might be.

Joanne Pullin 16:59

Umar Hameed 16:59
And there's a track on there that I stole from the people in Hawaii, they've got who knows part of their spirituality. And one of the things that they do is this, this a track called, "Letting go of the day". And what you do is at the end of the day, you take a look at the relationships of note. So let's say you were short with someone that day, that's important to you, or the barista for whatever reason you were like short with that person, and you kind of go, "You bring a miniature of them up before you," let's say, on your bedside table, and you go, "My daughter, I was short with her today, and I hurt her feelings. I'm so sorry, I did that. I'm gonna write her a note tomorrow morning, just to say, you know, I'm so deeply sorry." "And I had a great conversation with Umar da...da...da..." And you just basically, think about the things that happened that day that were important, the good and the bad, he gives you a to do list. But when you go to sleep at night, you don't have to process all of that stuff while you're sleeping. All the processing was done before you went to bed so you can sleep soundly. And not just the people that you were mean to or that were mean to you. And it's like, I can't believe they did that. But tonight, you will be there. And it was like, "Hey, I had an authentic real conversation with Joanne and I'm so happy I met her," will be a thought that we'll have tonight. And so acknowledged the blessings we get as well, because most of us don't do that was like, "Oh, yeah, that was nice."

Joanne Pullin 18:16
Yeah, that's a good one. I got a one free for mindset for people to...

Umar Hameed 18:21

Joanne Pullin 18:21
...one thing that I learned a long time ago it was the stress and how you can have a conversation and can really upset you, and then it messes you up. So my unmess up is put on the best dance music, I can listen to and dance.

Umar Hameed 18:25
Love it.

Joanne Pullin 18:36
And I'm right back to who I am, right and I'm back, I'm in a good mood and do it. And so whatever that be for you, that's mine, I whatever it be for you do it and put yourself back in the mode you want to be in, don't let that person affect you.

Umar Hameed 18:50
Because if you don't, what happens is this from a neuroscience point of view, let's say somebody has pissed you off and made you angry. So you take on a certain body posture, because you're feeling angry. And then what happens is if you keep that body posture, you get angrier and angrier as you go. And it just ruminate in it and stew in it. And when you're dancing, you're changing your entire body you're moving around, you're letting you're breaking that cycle of bad thought, bad feeling, bad results and looping it so I love that. So it's not just a crazy idea. It's a scientific idea that works.

Joanne Pullin 19:22

Umar Hameed 19:24
So Joanne, this is what I'd like to explore right now. What I'd like to explore is this, is you know, a lot of other realtors too, especially ones that have been starting new, where are the areas that they have anxiety? So what's one of the areas that new realtors have anxiety or ones that have been around for four or five years? Where do realtors get anxiety?

Joanne Pullin 19:44
I know a realor has been around for over a decade and she is excited about picking up the phone, right? She hates picking up the phone to this day and I know no many agents like that. They used to have them anxiety, advertising get you over that.

Umar Hameed 19:58
Oh, absolutely.

Joanne Pullin 20:00
Yeah, yeah, right. Like when I'm in the advertise, yeah, I got a cold call. Anyways, so I like teaching people how to get over that. The other thing I see people has not having the confidence.

Umar Hameed 20:15
Confidence, yeah.

Joanne Pullin 20:15
Conversation with somebody. And that's something else that I see often with newer people. And it's repeat, you know, repeat, repeat, repeat. And the more you repeat, it's just like playing a piano, the more you repeat the song, the better you get at and then you get really good at it, right? So you got to repeat, repeat, repeat. And yeah, it's not gonna go good the first few times, probably, but the more you do it, the better you get at it.

Umar Hameed 20:41
So anxiety over the phone, not having enough confidence. Where else do people struggle do you think?

Joanne Pullin 20:47
Not knowing how to in real estate. Not knowing how to do a comparable. Not knowing what to do for a listing. Not knowing everything a buyer will need to know, just not knowing everything. Not knowing how to fill out forms properly. Take a real estate course taking exam, you still don't know how to fill out forms properly. Because they only do the easy stuff. They don't do all the complicated. Not how to write a clause, all the bylaws through municipality. How to deal with asbestos are relevant to. All the property management stuff that comes up like that might be going on with the house and who can fix and how much it's going to cost to get it fixed and where do you turn, there's so much. [Garbled].

Umar Hameed 21:29
Absolutely. So what's something so the Joanna see before me is lovely and amazing and talented, but the Joanne in front of me is going to be like a, kind of lame and suck compared to Joanne two years from now because she's going to be better, stronger, faster.

Joanne Pullin 21:43

Umar Hameed 21:44
So we're going to learn right now that lets the Joanne in the future become a reality. Like, is there an area you're studying or a skill, your picking up?

Joanne Pullin 21:52
Yeah, systems...

Umar Hameed 21:54

Joanne Pullin 21:55
Still trying to get systems up and rolling and in a better place so that they're clean and consistent, and all that for me, to make me more effective and quicker. Other things would be, um, I guess my next goal would become a broker, right? So like in to mentor,

Umar Hameed 22:17

Joanne Pullin 22:17
I want to mentor...

Umar Hameed 22:18
So you want to become a team leader or a broker?

Joanne Pullin 22:21
I think I'll become a team leader. And then in the process, I'll get work on getting my broker's license. So it's these this research into that into studying into that. But I want to be a mentor to other agents coming on board.

Umar Hameed 22:34
I can sense that you like you've got this real need to coach and we'll help people I could just radiates off you.

Joanne Pullin 22:39
I do it right away. Like I've always been, I guess. Like, I'm been I know, Alzheimer's, it's funny how the things that have come into play. I know man training, which is getting people to de escalate from being aggressive. I know, Alzheimer's. So recently, I had to work with an elderly man who got Alzheimer's. So I have different skills from my past that I'm able to move forward to this.

Umar Hameed 23:06

Joanne Pullin 23:06
But to teach people some of that in just some little tips and tricks on how to get through things. Right now my biggest thing for new agents is like I was working with a bunch of new agents were all onboarding together at a different brokerage I was at initially. And I still coach for them, I still help them figure out who they can reach out to in the service industry. I tell them what they can do when they're having a bad day or how to go find some new listings, you know. I love doing those kinds of things. I don't care who they work fo, right? So it's....

Umar Hameed 23:40
And what's kind of brilliant, sometimes you're teaching somebody something you already know. But because you're teaching in a certain way, we get insights as well. It's like, "Huh," that gets deeper understanding of is like, "Oh my God..."

Joanne Pullin 23:40
My mentor, like she taught me things and I was teaching her things back and then students that we were together starting out now we reach out to each other and we'll teach each other things and that's the beauty about this business.

Umar Hameed 23:40
Love it.

Joanne Pullin 23:41
Like realtors work for many different brokerages but we work together every day. So even now some of might be with KW, Royal Lepage or RE/MAX you know, or eXp where I am. We all work together every day on deals so get to know each other. So it's kind of cool, you know. And you know, being nice to each other, it's just the right thing to do and you make good friends that way as well besides your clients. I got I got so many good friends as clients. Someone gave me a beautiful rotisserie basket for my rotisserie and my barbecue yesterday.

Umar Hameed 24:38
Oh, love it.

Joanne Pullin 24:39
[Garbled] oh sweet is that.

Umar Hameed 24:43
So two more things. Joanne, what makes you happy?

Joanne Pullin 24:47
Making other people happy. My family. The ocean. My dogs, my dogs make me very happy.

Umar Hameed 24:57
My dog in the ocean. No, don't do that. [GArbled]

Joanne Pullin 25:00
Yeah, they like to be in the ocean.

Umar Hameed 25:03
Oh, love it. So what's the water like there? Is it, does get quite warm enough to go swimming and stuff?

Joanne Pullin 25:09
It does. It does. The lakes especially, the lakes get warmer faster, but by, you know, late July, early August, our oceans are warm and they're warm right through September so. No, they're beautiful. Northumberland Strait is the warmest part because it's more protected. So between PEI and Nova Scotia, that's strait.

Umar Hameed 25:28
Love it. So what is a mind hack? A technique that you use to be more productive, more effective, sleep better, look better smell better. What's one mind hack you want to share with our audience?

Joanne Pullin 25:41
Oh, I learned this when I was in my 20s, how to go to sleep. I meditate in bed and I don't even think of it as meditation but that's what it is. And I make my toes relax. I never get past my ankles now but you...

Umar Hameed 25:55
Oh, love it.

Joanne Pullin 25:56
...[garbled] little part of your body and make your muscles relax. [Garbled]. So I learned that my 20s. And I sleep eight hours a day almost every night. I'm the best sleeper in the world.

Umar Hameed 25:56
Love it. Joanne, thank you so much for being on the program. It was a joy chatting with you and seeing your need to help people it's a refreshing

Joanne Pullin 26:18
I like your mindset moment. That's really good. Thanks for that.

Umar Hameed 26:23

Joanne Pullin 26:24
It was nice being with you. Thanks for sharing. It was a great day.

Umar Hameed 26:32
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