Crafting The Perfect Pitch by Lauren Salaun

On Episode 114 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Lauren Salaun [sounds like hair "salon"], a PR and marketing consultant, media personality, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is a former health coach, personal trainer, fitness model, and competitor.

A lifelong athlete, Lauren spent the bulk of her career in public relations, crisis communications, and marketing before launching a health and fitness coaching business in 2015. While helping people live their healthiest lives and dipping her toes into the world of fitness competitions, Lauren continued her PR and social media consulting and coaching, supporting entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, lifestyle, and personal development industries in building their influence online and monetizing their social media.

Lauren has extensive experience in public relations, marketing, and media, from crisis communications to running her own social media management company, being an on-air podcast personality, red-carpet host, and influencer, and of course, today, running her PR agency and being a sought-after speaker on public relations, influencer marketing, and visibility.

In 2019, Lauren launched influence+IMPACT ["Influence And Impact"], a PR and influencer marketing agency, where she helps entrepreneurs elevate their visibility, strengthen their authority in their industry, and share their message on a global level so they can increase their income and make even more of an impact.

the perfect pitch

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Introduction and Guest Introduction

The podcast episode from the No Limits Selling Podcast, hosted by Umar Hameed, features Lauren Salaun, a PR expert. The episode was recorded on December 14, 2020, and it lasts for 24 minutes and 20 seconds. The discussion revolves around the importance of public relations (PR) and how to effectively communicate a message to an audience.

The Importance of PR

Lauren Salaun emphasizes the importance of PR in gaining visibility and enhancing credibility. However, she also points out that many people struggle with understanding where to start with PR or what it entails. She notes that PR is not just about promoting oneself or one's accomplishments, but it's also about adding value to the audience.

Role of a PR Agency

Lauren shares her role in her PR agency, where she teaches entrepreneurs how to do their own PR. She explains that one of her key responsibilities is to help clients package their vision and message in a way that resonates with their desired audience. This involves making their message relevant and appealing, which she compares to making a baby cute for everybody.

The Art of Messaging in Creating The Perfect Pitch

The conversation also delves into the art of crafting a message. Lauren emphasizes that the goal is to create a win or add massive value for whoever is listening to or reading the message. This requires a shift in perspective from focusing solely on one's achievements to considering how the message can benefit the audience.


In conclusion, the podcast episode on the No Limits Selling Podcast, featuring PR expert Lauren Salaun, provides a comprehensive exploration of public relations. It underscores the significance of PR in enhancing visibility and credibility, and the necessity of crafting messages that resonate with and add value to the target audience. Salaun's insights, drawn from her experience in her PR agency where she guides entrepreneurs on managing their own PR, shed light on the importance of making messages relevant and appealing.

The episode serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of PR, emphasizing the shift in perspective needed from self-promotion to audience value addition.

Questions & Answers

Who is Lauren Salaun and what is her expertise?

What does Lauren Salaun say about the importance of PR?

What are some of the challenges people face when starting in PR, according to Lauren Salaun?

How does Lauren Salaun help entrepreneurs with their PR?

What is the art of crafting a message, as discussed in the podcast?

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