5 Ways To Make Average Agents Great by Joanne Bolt

On Episode 221 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Joanne Bolt, Host of The B-Word Podcast.

The "Real Boss" part of her brand is a combination of life experiences both at home and in her career. Some of those experiences were heartbreaking. Like being abducted from her office by a 'potential buyer'. Some are amazing-like figuring out how to be both the boss and a mom at the same time. The "Women" part of her brand is simple. She loves to work with women. She spent most of her corporate years in the presence of men and found herself working out of town all hours and not enjoying life. When she moved to real estate, she again worked with mostly men. And yet, women make up 65% of the real estate industry. She found herself leaning into mentoring other women in the offices she was in. And realized that she could show them the sh*t the men couldn't. Like what to wear on an appointment. How to script your way OUT of being hit on and how to earn more than the men while working WAYYY fewer hours and WAYYY more efficiently.

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Introduction and Guest Background

The podcast episode begins with host Umar Hameed introducing the guest, Joanne Bolt. Joanne is described as a "real woman boss," indicating her success and leadership in her field. The conversation sets the stage for a discussion about women in leadership roles and the challenges they face.

Women in Leadership

Joanne Bolt discusses the role of women in leadership and the workplace. She challenges the societal norms and expectations that have been prevalent since the 1950s, which suggest that women should not be in CEO or boss roles because they are seen as nurturers. Joanne argues that women are just as capable, if not more so, than men in these roles. She emphasizes that women can manage both their jobs and their families, often doing more than their male counterparts.

Empowering Others

Joanne shares a story about a real estate agent she worked with who initially joined a team because she didn't see herself as business-savvy enough to work independently while also being a mother. However, with Joanne's guidance, this agent was able to see that she could manage both roles and now runs a team of 20 agents. This story illustrates Joanne's ability to empower others and help them see their potential.

Overcoming Limitations

The conversation moves to the topic of self-imposed limitations. Joanne shares her own experience of feeling stuck in one brokerage for 15 years, believing that the only path to success was to be a team leader or have expansion teams. However, after moving to a different brokerage, she was able to see new opportunities and break free from her previous limitations. This part of the discussion emphasizes the importance of challenging one's beliefs and being open to new possibilities.

Focus on the Client

Joanne discusses the importance of focusing on the client rather than self-promotion in real estate. She suggests that agents should listen to audiobooks and podcasts outside of their brokerage to gain new perspectives and ideas. She also advises agents to stop comparing themselves to others and instead focus on their unique approach to the business. This advice underscores the importance of client-centered service and individuality in the real estate industry.


In the podcast episode "Joanne Bolt on 5 Ways To Make Average Agents Great!" from No Limit Selling, Joanne Bolt, a successful leader in her field, discusses the role of women in leadership, the importance of self-belief, and the value of focusing on clients in the real estate industry. She challenges societal norms that limit women's roles in leadership and shares her experiences in empowering others to overcome their self-imposed limitations. Joanne emphasizes the importance of being open to new opportunities and perspectives and advises real estate agents to focus on their unique approach to business and client service rather than comparing themselves to others. Her insights provide valuable guidance for anyone looking to excel in their field, particularly in real estate.

Questions & Answers

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What does Joanne Bolt say about women in leadership roles?

How does Joanne Bolt empower others in the real estate industry?

What advice does Joanne Bolt give about overcoming self-imposed limitations?

What does Joanne Bolt say about focusing on clients in real estate?

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