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In this multiple installment article I will share how NLP can help you overcome fear

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Hello everyone my name is Umar Hameed and I want to share an idea with you. Fear is the enemy of success. You know just when we are about to do something interesting, something amazing, something wonderful, fear comes up and it stops us from executing.
Or fear gets in the way and it make sure that when we execute, we execute in a way that we are destined to produce failure. And when we do that, you know, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, “See I told you it wasn’t going to work, never try something new again.”

Well fear, you know when you overcome it wonderful things can happen.

This is a story from my life. I had gone to Egypt to go look at the pyramids and I saw the Great Pyramids. They were like totally amazing. I recommend you go there. Afterwards, we went to Sakkara which you know is just a few miles away where they have stone pyramids which are much smaller than the Great Pyramids. People think that this could have been the prototyping grounds for building the Great Pyramids.

So we go there and I’m looking around, having a good time, my wife and I and off in the distance there is like a, what used to be an aqueduct or something. So we crossover that climb up the rise and when we get there, there is a brand new tomb that was unearth.
There are treasures all around, I mean stuff that looks like it was made today, brilliant, vibrant colors and they are like 5000 years old. A security guard sees us comes running over and say, “What are you doing here, you can’t be here. You will get in trouble. You have to leave now.” And so I reached in my pocket and pull out some US cash and I go, “What would it take for us to be here?” The guy looks at the money and goes “Cha-ching” in his eyes and goes, “well come on take a look around. “ So I gave him a 20 and we look around at breathtaking artifacts. Then we come across this ladder coming out of this dark hole and I point to it and go. “What is that?” And the guy goes, “No you cannot go there that is a tomb and you know if the antiquity police catch you, you will go in jail and so I reached in to my pocket pulled out some more cash and say “What would it take to be able to go down there?” And of course the guy goes who cha-ching again. And my wife says, “I’m not going down there,” because it is scary and pitch black. So she goes back to the stone pyramids and I said, “Well I will join you in a few.”

And so I looked down that dark hole and there was a rickety old bamboo ladder and as I start climbing down there I am certain one of three things is going to happen. One, this guy is going to mug me when I’m down there. That’s not good. Two, the curse of the mummy, I have seen the movies, you know it can happen. Or three that the antiquity police are going to come and throw me in jail and I will end up the girlfriend of some fat guy named Mohammed, not good.

But I overcome my fear and I go down there and it is pitch black and scary. We kind of feel our way to the sarcophagus and I had this book of matches with me and so I light the match and the darkness enveloped my hand and you can just see the light around my hand and as I bring it down to the sarcophagus you see this amazing creation that is 5000 years old and I have this idiot proof camera I give it to my helper and he takes a snapshot of me in the tomb and so we climb out of the tomb I thanked him again. I go running down from aqueduct going down to where the stone pyramids are and I’m singing at the top of my voice’ “dandadahdan dandadan” (Indiana Jones theme).

I think it was one of the most adventurous times of my entire life and I only got to experience it because I decided to let go of fear and go do it anyway.

The reason I share this with you is this, you know, where in your life is fear getting in the way and stopping you from achieving your dreams? Where is fear getting in the way of you being as productive as you could be? Where is fear getting in the way of stopping you from loving someone that you really want to and sharing the depth of your emotion.

Fear is the enemy of success and fear is the enemy of having a life that you want. There are ways of overcoming fear and later on in these videos you’re going to see how to overcome fear quickly and easily. I hope you enjoy this. Talk to you soon and by the way subscribe to my videos and share these videos with others so that they get a chance to experience this kind of information. Information that could change their life and if you go to my website http://getbetterresults.us there is a link to go to my online school and there is a ton of free training including mind training (NLP) that will show you how to control this amazing thing called the human mind. This will make you more fabulous than you are already. Talk to you later.

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