Letting go of past events for salespeople is critical to their success. The same holds true for everyone else.

Take a salesperson who is about to close a very important deal. She has the prospect ready to buy but asked the question that sabotages the deal she’s working on. Most salespeople will focus on that past mistake; doing their best to never repeat it. In reality though, their obsession of not making a mistake makes it inevitable that they’ll repeat the same mistake.

For civilians, the same holds true. For example, you could have a 14-year-old kid at bat at a crucial point in the game. Not getting on base costs his team the game. That failure can haunt the player for many games to come.

Eventually, salespeople and mere mortals let go of past failures and move on. But for most people this can take a very long time. The longer they hold onto it, the more heartache and failure awaits them.

What if there was a way you could let go of past failures within a few minutes?

In this video, you will learn how to let go of past failures within minutes. The ideas in this video leverage a deep understanding of how your brain works.

You will get easy step-by-step instructions on how let go of past failures so you never repeat them again. Sit back relax and hit the play button.

In my humble opinion, the ultimate frontier is not space. The ultimate frontier is not found in the depths of the ocean. The ultimate frontier is our understanding of how the human mind works.

It’s my life’s mission to translate the complexity of the human brain into simple to understand set of instructions that allow you to build the life you want. Whether you’re a salesperson, the governor or a kid trying to do well at school these tools and techniques will allow you to succeed at a higher level.

I want to give you the tools that will make you better, stronger and faster.

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Happy Selling!

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