March 11

Umar Hameed


How to Improve Sales Training

Hello everyone! My name is Umar Hameed and I’m an expert at changing human behavior

I would like to share something with you that just might improve sales training and make it more effective. I often hear sales managers that are disappointed with the effectiveness and stickiness of professional sales training. For them, the reality is that initially their sales team gets excited about learning new techniques, but soon after training, only a small percentage of people have any kind of lasting change in their sales performance.

People will often refer back to the training with excitement but ultimately nothing changes. Sometimes a small group of individuals will incorporate a few things they have learned, but quickly revert to what they have always done. Fear is the reason that so many sales teams under-perform.

The best way to have lasting impact and supercharge your sales teams is to add a component of “Mind Training. “ Mind Training is an essential tool to help your team take their game to a new level and fully execute. Applied Neuroscience, or what I call Mind Training, is a great avenue in helping your team breakthrough the fears that hold them back. Fear is the enemy of sales. When sales people are feeling bold and courageous, they can do amazing things and give much better ROI. The best way to improve your sales training is to add Mind Training. The most important aspect of a sales person is their mindset, not their sales skill.

Happy Selling! – talk to you later.


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