Have you ever had this sense of knowing, not hoping that something is going to happen or wishing it is going to happen, but just having this sense of knowing in your gut? Deep in your heart and in your head there’s certainty that something is going to happen? It happens to me every once in a while.




So last night I was watching this show called, ‘The Voice’ and one of the judges Blake Shelton made a statement to the other judges, “This next act is going to be mine!” The tone of his voice led me to believe that this is a sense of knowing, not wishing. So naturally I started a lot of attention to what happened next. All the judges are looking at the audience and not the act that’s coming on stage. It turns out to be a mother and daughter team that end up being a Country act which is right up his alley, and the act is phenomenal! All four judges turn around as if they are basically saying “Pick us as your coach”. And the ladies end up picking Blake Shelton.

That was a clear example of the fact that we all have this sense of deep knowing on occasion. Some people have the ability to tap into it more often than not. We all have this sense of intuition and sense of knowing. All we need to do it pay attention to it and tap into it and it allows us to perform better in our personal lives and our professional lives.

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