As we call companies to sell them our products, what are the chances that when we call them they’re ready for that exact product at that exact time? The chances are pretty slim, to be honest. But what if he had a spy within the organization that could tell us exactly what’s going on in the organization, what the problem is, what is it that they’re trying to accomplish then we could tailor make our presentation to hit that need. It’s easier to find a solution for something when you know the problem. It could really be a game changer for you.

But since you’re not in the CIA, how are you going to spy? Well this is what you can use: go on to LinkedIn, put in the name of the company and all the present and the past employees come up. You go to one of the past employees and if they connected with you directly, you can reach out. Or you could get an introduction through another connection. And when you talk to them, you could say just a simple phrase, “I was wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to build a business relationship with your past company. Can you give me a sense of what the landscape was like?” And they will tell you how the companies run, what the problems are what the issues are.”

And with that knowledge, you can call the right person with the right message and it dramatically improves your results.

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Umar Hameed


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