January 5

Umar Hameed


As a sales person and as a leader, it’s incredibly important to understand the power of your mind set. A lot of times, we just take what’s happening here for granted, and we have an illusion of who we are and how we operate, but that’s quite far from what’s actually going on.



Let me give you an example. There was this test they did, an experiment. They had people come in, split them up into two groups, and they sent one group in to watch a video about the farming. And, they sent the other group to watch a video about trucking. And then they had to come together and they had one of those word jumbles where they’ve got words kind of jumbled up in this box and they had to circle the words they’ve been looking for. And, the word jumble was focused around trucks, and guess what, the people that had just seen a video about trucks did spectacularly well. And the people that saw the video about farming didn’t do as well. What this proves is that those people that did the trucking video were in the right mind set to do that jumble of words. And you, as a sales person, you would have to be in the right mind set, and when you do that, the answers to solve your problems just jump out at you. Your ability to find the resources you need to do a spectacular job jump out at you.

So the question is, how do you uncover what your mind set is, and one of the ways to do that is to ask yourself this simple question: “I believe sales people are –” and finish the sentence. And keep on asking that question and you’ll start uncovering what you really think about, what your beliefs are about salespeople. You can do the same for asking people for money, because that’s what you do in sales, you ask people for money and you can say, people who ask for money are, and then you’ll start getting that data what’s going on in your psyche and deep down. With that data, it gives you the ability to say, “Hey, wait a minute, this response was kind of negative. Where did that come from?” And that introspection will allow you to let that go. And if you need help doing that, come to our website and set up an appointment with me and we’ll chat on the phone and I’ll show you how to get those beliefs, one, uncover them, and two, how to let them go, and three, how to get spectacular beliefs that allow you to be an exceptional sales person and reach your potential.

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